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Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Pass | Ultimate Guide

Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Passport

The Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Passport (SoCal Select AP) is the lowest priced AP and has the most restrictions.  Debuting shortly after the opening of Disney California Adventure in 2003, the SoCal Select AP is designed almost exclusively for locals.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this particular pass.

By The Numbers: SoCal Select Annual Passport

Passport Cost

Total Cost


Financed Cost

Payments for new SoCal Select Annual Passports will $20.17 per month after a $97 down payment. However, monthly payments for existing AP’s will be slightly higher.

Remember, financing is available for California residents only.

Already financing a Southern California Select AP? Wondering what you still owe? Check out our page entirely devoted to AP pay schedules.

Does The SoCal Select AP Include Parking?

No. As of February 2015, only the Signature, Signature Plus, and Disney Premier Annual Passports include parking. All other passport levels, including the Southern California Select AP, have to pay the daily parking rate on each visit.

However, if you’re a current Annual Passholder with the yearly option on your pass, you will be able to keep it when you renew. Visit our Ultimate Guide to Annual Passholder Parking for more information on your parking options.


How Many Days Per Year Can You Visit The Resort?

The SoCal Select AP allows you entry 170 days per year. See the Disneyland Resort Annual Passport Blockout Calendar for specific dates.

When Is This Passport Blocked Out?

SoCal Select AP’s can visit the Disneyland Resort on weekdays only (no Saturdays or Sundays ever). This passport is also blocked out every holiday and a large part of the busy summer season, including:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr Day Weekend
  • Valentine’s Day Weekend
  • Spring Break
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Most of Summer (June through mid-August)
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving
  • The weeks of Christmas & New Years

How Many Visits Do You Need To Break-Even On The Pass?

You’ll pass the break-even point for the SoCal Select pass on your 5th day at the resort.

When you’re planning your vacation goals, the number of times you’ll visit the Disneyland Resort can guide you to the correct Annual Passport. Below are some examples of when it would be cheaper to skip the AP and buy regular tickets.

Ticket or APCostSavings
SoCal Select AP$339
3-Day Park Hopper Tickets *$315$24
4-Day Park Hopper Tickets *$335$4
* Park Hopper tickets allow unlimited entry to both parks at the Disneyland Resort for the entire day they’re valid.

These examples don’t include any cost savings you’d get from your AP discount, which is 10% at most restaurants and shops in the parks. In most cases, a SoCal Select AP combined with these discounts will make your visits to Disneyland far cheaper than it would have been with just regular tickets.

If you plan to visit the Disneyland Resort more than 4 days and/or take multiple smaller trips spaced throughout the entire year, it makes sense to buy a Southern California Select Annual Passport.


  • Disney Dining: 10%
  • Merchandise Purchased At Disney Theme Parks, Kiosks, and Resort Hotels: 10%
  • Disneyland Resort Hotel Stays: 15% to over 40% depending on the day of the week and season
  • Resort Events & Tours: 15%
  • Downtown Disney:

Do you live in the correct area?

The SoCal Select AP is only available to Southern California residents or those people living in zip codes 90000 – 93599.

Price History Of Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Passport

I’ve included a chart of SoCal Select prices over the years, using the Disneyland 2-Day Park Hopper (PH) ticket just for price reference.

DateSoCal Select AP2-Day PH TicketDays To Break-Even
Jan 2003$99$992
Sep 2005$119$1063
Sep 2006$124$1163
Sep 2007$129$1322
Aug 2008$134$1432
Aug 2009$144$1512
Jan 2010$169$1513
Aug 2010$184$1613
Jun 2011$199$1733
May 2012$269$2004
Jun 2013$279$2104
May 2014$289$2174
Feb 2015$299$2254
Oct 2015$329$2256
Feb 2016$329$2355
Feb 2017$339$2445

From its creation in 2003 until just a few years ago, the SoCal Select AP was roughly the same price as a 2-Day Park Hopper ticket. However, as I explain in my post about Disney’s plan to axe Annual Passholders, the price has increased significantly after 2011 and has remained high for the past few years.

With the recent price hike in February 2016, the cost of a Southern California Select is almost the same as a 5-Day PH ticket, which means it now takes 5 visits to break-even on your AP.

That isn’t much if you’re visiting the resort a dozen times in the year, but it does signal a shift in the Disney AP pricing strategy.

Is The Southern California Select Annual Passport For You?

I recommend this pass for Southern California residents who are able to visit the Disneyland Resort (DLR) on weekdays. Due to the large number of blockout days (half the year), if your schedule restricts you to weekends only, the SoCal Select AP isn’t for you.

If you’re still wondering whether this pass is the right choice for you and your family, visit our Disneyland AP Comparison Page, where you’ll find an easy guide to see if the Southern California, Deluxe, Signature, Signature Plus, or Disney Premier AP’s might be a better fit for your style and budget.

If you can think of any more questions, leave me a comment below. I’d love you hear from you! Thanks for visiting and we’ll see ya’ real soon!


23 replies on “Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Pass | Ultimate Guide”

I am buying the So Cal AP. Can I use it the day I purchase it?
How much do I pay if I go to Disneyland on a block out day?

Great questions Erika. You can use your AP on the day that you activate it. Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t offer blockout day tickets anymore, so you have to buy a regular ticket to visit those days. No discount.

I currently live in Las Vegas NV, I am moving to Anaheim in less weeks and i’m going to buy the Disneyland Southern California Select Pass online. I most likely will not have my California drivers license by then.Will i have issues get the passport?

Great question Brennan. I would think that as long as you could provide proof of residency, such as a lease or mortgage statement, that you wouldn’t have any problems. Please let me know how this works out!

Can I get in the park on a block day by purchasing a SoCal select AP? Day Dec 20th is blocked out, I don’t have a pass yet, can I get a pass at the gate and still get in that day?

Well I was very disappointed because of the dates posted for the Southern California select. I took 2 extra guest that paid for their own ticket, when we arrived at the entrance they said we were blocked. I felt very sad because when I checked prior to going to Disneyland, we were clear to go.

I’m confused, are both the So Cal Annual Passes available?

I’m looking for the one with Sundays – it that available to buy as a new customer (not renewal)?


Thanks for the question Steve. You can’t buy the regular SoCal AP brand new, which is the one with availability on Sundays. As a new passholder, you’d have to buy any of the other AP’s, keep it for one year, and then you’ll be able to renew at the SoCal level you want (or any other level). It’s convoluted, I know.

The more limited SoCal Select AP is available for direct purchase. Hope that clears things up.

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