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Disneyland Southern California Annual Passport | Ultimate Guide

Disneyland Southern California Annual Passport

The Southern California Annual Passport (SoCal AP) is a moderately priced pass to the Disneyland Resort, with a good mix of available dates and benefits.

Even though Disney cancelled the sale of new SoCal AP’s for several years, as of September 2016 it is available for purchase once again! In my opinion, the SoCal pass remains the best overall option for locals and Southern California residents.

By The Numbers: SoCal Annual Passport

Passport Cost

Total Cost

The SoCal AP is listed at $469 but current Annual Passholders can renew their AP’s for $449. See our article 5 Steps of Disney’s (Not So) Secret Strategy To Axe Passholders for details on why the pass was cancelled and then reinstated.

Financed Cost

Payments for current SoCal Annual Passports without the yearly parking option are $31 per month after a $97 down-payment.

If you do have the parking option on your SoCal AP, your monthly payments will be higher.

Also, remember that financing is available for California residents only.

Already financing a Southern California AP? Wondering what you still owe? Check out our page entirely devoted to AP pay schedules.

Does The SoCal AP Include Parking?

No. As of October 2015, only the Signature, Signature Plus, and Disney Premier Annual Passports include parking. All other passport levels, including the Southern California AP, have to pay the daily parking rate on each visit.

However, like the SoCal AP itself, if you’re a current Annual Passholder with the yearly option on your pass, you will be able to keep it when you renew. Visit our Ultimate Guide to Annual Passholder Parking for more information on your parking options.


How Many Days Per Year Can You Visit The Resort?

The SoCal AP allows you entry 215 days per year. See the Disneyland Resort Annual Passport Blockout Calendar for specific dates.

When Is This Passport Blocked Out?

SoCal AP’s can visit the Disneyland Resort every day of the week but Saturday. This passport is also blocked out every holiday and a large part of the busy summer season, including:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr Day Weekend
  • Valentine’s Day Weekend
  • Spring Break
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Most of Summer (June through Mid-August)
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving
  • The weeks of Christmas & New Years

How Many Visits Do You Need To Break-Even On The Pass?

You’ll pass the break-even point for the SoCal Annual Passport on your 6th day at the resort.

When you’re planning your vacation goals, the number of times you’ll visit the Disneyland Resort can guide you to the correct Annual Passport. For example, if you’re making one 5-Day trip this year, it would be cheaper to buy a 5-Day Park Hopper ticket at $350 than renew a SoCal AP at $469. If you don’t want or need to visit both parks each day, the cost goes down even further to $305 for adults single-park tickets.

However, if you plan to visit the resort more than 5 days and/or take smaller trips spaced throughout the entire year, it makes sense to stick with your Southern California Annual Passport. If you’re right on the edge of these numbers, check out the less expensive SoCal Select AP.


  • Disney Dining: 10%
  • Merchandise Purchased At Disney Theme Parks, Kiosks, and Resort Hotels: 10%
  • Disneyland Resort Hotel Stays: 15% to over 40% depending on the day of the week and season
  • Resort Events & Tours: 15%
  • Downtown Disney:

Do you live in the correct area?

The SoCal AP is only available to Southern California residents or those people living in zip codes 90000 – 93599.

Price History Of Disneyland Southern California Annual Passport

I’ve included a chart of SoCal AP prices over the years, using the 3-Day Park Hopper (PH) ticket just for price reference.

DateSoCal AP3-Day PH TicketDays To Break-Even
November 2002$105$1193
January 2004$129$1293
October 2004$149$1294
September 2006$154$1693
September 2007$169$1893
August 2008$174$1993
August 2009$194$2043
January 2010$219$2044
August 2010$239$2065
June 2011$269$2246
May 2012$329$2506
June 2013$359$2606
May 2014$379$2656
February 2015$409$2756
October 2015$459$2756
February 2017$469$3156

As you can see in the table above, from 2002-2010 the cost of a SoCal AP was roughly the same price as a 3-Day PH ticket. However, the price of all Disneyland AP’s and tickets increased significantly after 2011 and have remained high ever since.

With the recent ticket price hike in 2017, the cost of a Southern California passport now exceeds the price of a 3-Day PH ticket by $154 and a 5-Day PH ticket by $119! This means it now takes 6 visits to break-even on your AP.

Compared to a more expensive passport, like the Signature AP that requires 11 visits to break-even, a mere half-dozen isn’t very much. However, the raised prices across the board give us insight into the Disney AP pricing strategy, discussed in more detail in my post ‘5 Reasons Disneyland Doesn’t Want More Annual Passholders‘.

Is The Southern California Annual Passport For You?

The Southern California AP is specifically for Southern California residents who want more flexibility in their available travel dates than the SoCal Select, as well as access to Sundays at the resort. It is, in my opinion, the best overall Disneyland Annual Passport. While your weekend access to the resort is limited, you can visit on Sundays, which are can be less crowded than Saturdays and more desirable.

The SoCal AP is especially useful if you can make use of the available weekdays as well, when most people are at work and park crowd levels are at their lowest.

My family is lucky enough to have these passes and we like to visit on Sunday & Monday, spending the night at a hotel near the park. These mini-vacations allow us to take our time, not rush around the park and then hurry home, and maximize the value of our SoCal AP’s.

If you’re still wondering whether this pass is the right choice for you and your family, visit our Disneyland AP Comparison Page, where you’ll find an easy guide to see if the Southern California Select, Deluxe, Signature, Signature Plus, or Disney Premier AP’s might be a better fit for your style and budget.

If you can think of any more questions, leave me a comment below. I’d love you hear from you! Thanks for visiting and we’ll see ya’ real soon!


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Thanks for all the wonderful information. I also have the SoCal AP and trying to decide what to do this next year, given all the changes with parking costs.
Do you know if they still allow you to go into the park on the day that you renew? Our renewal date is early January and we go in and renew on a day the last week of the year (blocked out day) and get into the park the same day.

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