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Disneyland Signature Plus Annual Passport | Ultimate Guide

Disneyland Signature Plus Annual Passport

The Disneyland Signature Plus Annual Passport (AP)  is one of the newest Disneyland season passes.

This AP offers year-round access to the resort and is the natural successor and replacement for the extinct Premium AP.

Let’s look at what this pass offers.

By The Numbers: Signature Plus Annual Passport

Passport Cost

Total Cost

The total cost for a Signature Plus AP is $1,049.00.

Financed Cost

Payments on new Signature Plus Annual Passports are $79.34 per month after a $97 down payment.

For those Annual Passholders choosing to renew at the Signature Plus level, payments will be slightly higher.

For more information on AP payments, check out our page on financing Disneyland AP’s. Remember, financing is available for California residents only.

Already financing a Signature Plus AP? Wondering what you still owe? Check out our page entirely devoted to AP pay schedules.

Does The Signature Plus AP Include Parking?

Yes, parking at the Disneyland Resort is included. Signature Plus Annual Passholders can park every day of their pass without paying extra.

For more information on AP parking in general, visit our Ultimate Guide To Disneyland Annual Passholder Parking page.


How Many Days Per Year Can You Visit The Resort?

Unlike the similar Signature AP, the Signature Plus AP allows you entry 365 days per year.

When Is This Passport Blocked Out?

Signature Plus AP’s can visit the Disneyland Resort every day of the year, without exception.

How Many Visits Do You Need To Break-Even On The Pass?

You’ll pass the break-even point for the Signature Plus pass on your 15th day at the resort.

When you’re planning your vacation goals, the number of times you’ll visit the Disneyland Resort can guide you to the correct Annual Passport. Below is an example of when it would be cheaper to skip the AP and buy regular tickets.

Ticket or APCostDifference
Signature Plus AP$1,049
(3) 5-Day Park Hopper Tickets *$1,050$1
* Park Hopper tickets that allow unlimited entry to both parks at the Disneyland Resort for the entire day they’re valid.

These examples don’t include any cost savings you’d get from your AP discount, which is 15 – 20% at most restaurants and shops in the parks.

If you plan to visit the Disneyland Resort more than 14 days and/or take multiple smaller trips spaced throughout the entire year, it makes sense to buy a Signature Plus Annual Passport.


  • Disney Dining: 15%
  • Merchandise Purchased At Disney Theme Parks, Kiosks, and Resort Hotels: 20%
  • Disneyland Resort Hotel Stays: 15% to over 40% depending on the day of the week and season
  • Resort Events & Tours: 15%
  • Downtown Disney:

Unlimited Disney PhotoPass® Access

As an added benefit, Disneyland Signature Plus Annual Passholders will enjoy unlimited access and downloads of all PhotoPass® pictures taken while at the Disneyland Resort. Note: this access expires when the associated AP expires.

Do you live in the correct area?

Anyone can buy the Signature Plus passport.

Price History Of Disneyland Signature Plus Annual Passport

Since it is brand new, there really isn’t any price history for this pass.

I’ve included a chart below, comparing the current Signature Plus AP price against the cost of a Disneyland 5-Day Park Hopper (PH) ticket for reference.

DateSignature Plus AP5-Day Park Hopper TicketDays To Break-Even
October 2015$1,049$31516
Fenruary 2017$1,049$35015

The price for all Disneyland AP’s has steadily increased since they first debuted in the 1980’s. For a more detailed discussion on Disney AP pricing strategy, visit my post ‘5 Reasons Disneyland Doesn’t Want More Annual Passholders‘.

Is The Signature Plus Annual Passport For You?

The Signature Plus AP is a year-round pass that includes parking and is the true successor to the now extinct Premium AP. The only difference between the ‘Plus’ and regular Signature AP are the blockout days for the two weeks around Christmas.

If you want to flexibility the Premium pass offered and don’t need those 15 days, stick with the cheaper Signature. Otherwise, the Signature Plus is the AP for you.

As with every passport, the Signature Plus AP is especially useful if you can make use of the available weekdays, when most people are at work and park crowd levels are at their lowest. Turn your visit into a multi-day mini-vacation and take advantage of all the benefits this passport has to offer.

If you’re still wondering whether this pass is the right choice for you and your family, visit our Disneyland AP Comparison Page, where you’ll find an easy guide to see if the Southern California Select, Southern CaliforniaDeluxe, Signature, or Disney Premier AP’s might be a better fit for your style and budget.

If you can think of any more questions, leave me a comment below. I’d love you hear from you! Thanks for visiting and we’ll see ya’ real soon!


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