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Upgrade A Disneyland Ticket To An Annual Passport | AP FAQ

Upgrade A Regular Disneyland Ticket To An Annual Passport
Can you upgrade a regular Disneyland ticket to an Annual Passport (AP)?

Yes, you absolutely can convert your ticket, but like upgrading or downgrading an AP itself, this process comes with its own rules and restrictions.

On this page we’ll take a detailed look at ticket upgrades, including when, where, and how they’re done.

Which Disneyland Tickets Can I Upgrade To AP?

All single and multi-day tickets at the Disneyland Resort can be upgraded to Annual Passports, regardless of where you bought them. This includes both value, regular, and peak tickets, as well as single-park and Park Hopper tickets.

Where Can I Upgrade My Regular Disneyland Ticket To An Annual Passport?

Mouse Monthly - Disneyland Resort Main Entrance Ticket Booths

Ticket upgrades can only be done at a Resort Main Entrance Ticket Booth, in the entry plaza between the baggage check areas and theme park turnstiles.

Which Annual Passports Can I Upgrade My Ticket To?

You can upgrade your regular Disneyland ticket to almost any level of Annual Passport, including the Disney Premier Passport. In fact, if you’re interested in switching to a Premier AP, we’ve got a trick that help lots of folks finance a large chunk of it.

Unfortunately, you can no longer buy new Southern California or Premium AP’s.

When Can I Convert My Ticket To An Annual Pass?

If you’re converting a regular ticket to an AP, it must be done on or before the last day of use.

Disney will credit the full value of your ticket against the cost of an Annual Passport, regardless of how many days you’ve used, as long as you exchange it before the end of the last day it’s good. For example, if you have a 3-Day Park Hopper ticket, you can exchange it any time before the end of your third day at the park.

If you return to Disneyland on a later date with your expired ticket, you won’t be able to upgrade it to an AP and will have to pay full price.

When Will My New AP Expire?

After you’ve successfully converted your ticket to an Annual Passport, you’ll have an entire year of Disneyland fun ahead of you. At the end of that year, you can either renew your AP or let it expire. But when exactly is your expiration date?

The expiration date of your new AP will be one year from the first day you used your ticket.

For example: say you had a 3-Day ticket and visited Disneyland on the 1st and 3rd of January. You finally upgrade your ticket to an AP on January 5th.  Your new passport will expire the 1st of January, which is one year from the first day you entered the park with your original ticket.

Tip: Even if the Annual Passport you’re upgrading to is blocked out on the day you convert your ticket, you’ll still be allowed to enter both parks that day.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade My Regular Ticket To An AP?

Regardless of how many days you’ve used on your regular ticket, you’ll still be credited the full value of that ticket against the price of an Annual Passport.

The table below will give you an idea of the cost to upgrade a regular ticket to an Annual Passport.

Cost To Upgrade Regular Ticket To Annual Passport
Disneyland TicketCostSoCal SelectSoCalDeluxe
1-Day 1-Park Value$97$242*$522
1-Day 1-Park Regular$110$229*$509
1-Day 1-Park Peak$124$215*$495
2-Day 1-Park$199$140*$420
3-Day 1-Park$270$69*$349
4-Day 1-Park$290$49*$329
5-Day 1-Park$305$34*$314
1-Day Park Hopper Value$157$182*$462
1-Day Park Hopper Regular$165$174*$454
1-Day Park Hopper Peak$174$165*$445
2-Day Park Hopper$244$95*$375
3-Day Park Hopper$315$24*$304
4-Day Park Hopper$335$4*$284
5-Day Park Hopper$350*$269
* The Southern California Annual Passport is only available for renewal.


Cost To Upgrade Regular Ticket To Annual Passport
Disneyland TicketCostSignatureSignature Plus
1-Day 1-Park Value$97$752$952
1-Day 1-Park Regular$110$739$939
1-Day 1-Park Peak$124$725$925
2-Day 1-Park$199$650$850
3-Day 1-Park$270$579$779
4-Day 1-Park$290$559$759
5-Day 1-Park$305$544$744
1-Day Park Hopper Value$157$692$892
1-Day Park Hopper Regular$165$684$884
1-Day Park Hopper Peak$174$675$875
2-Day Park Hopper$244$605$805
3-Day Park Hopper$315$534$734
4-Day Park Hopper$335$514$714
5-Day Park Hopper$350$499$699


Cost To Upgrade Regular Ticket To Annual Passport
Disneyland TicketCostPremier**
1-Day 1-Park Value$97$1,342
1-Day 1-Park Regular$110$1329
1-Day 1-Park Peak$124$1315
2-Day 1-Park$199$1,240
3-Day 1-Park$270$1,169
4-Day 1-Park$290$1,149
5-Day 1-Park$305$1,134
1-Day Park Hopper Value$157$1,282
1-Day Park Hopper Regular$165$1,274
1- Day Park Hopper Peak$174$1,265
2-Day Park Hopper$244$1,195
3-Day Park Hopper$315$1,124
4-Day Park Hopper$335$1,104
5-Day Park Hopper$350$1,089
** For ease of use, prices for the Disney Premier Passport are the base cost only and do not include Florida sales tax.

Does It Make Sense To Buy An Annual Passport For Your Disneyland Vacation?

Are you planning on making maybe just one or two trips to Disneyland this year? Depending on what time of year and days of the week you visit, it may make more sense to buy an Annual Passport instead of a multi-day ticket.

For example: if you live in the Palm Springs area and plan on spending a 4-Day vacation at Disneyland, it would be cheaper to buy a Southern California Select AP instead of a 4-Day Park Hopper ticket. Or, if you live in Phoenix and want to make two 3-Day trips, it would be more cost-effective to get a Deluxe Annual Passport than buy two 3-Day Park Hopper tickets.

There isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution for Disneyland vacation planning. If you’re only visiting one park per day, it might not make sense to buy a more expensive AP. Figure out what your vacation goals and budget are, then use the table above to see what makes sense for you and your family. Keep in mind when weighing the cost of regular tickets versus Annual Passports that there are also blockout dates and parking fees to be considered.


Upgrading a regular Disneyland ticket to an Annual Passport is easy to do and, under the right circumstances, can even save you money in the future.

I hope I’ve cleared up this subject, but if you can think of any questions I haven’t covered, please leave me a comment below. And make sure to check out our Disneyland Annual Passports – Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see ya’ real soon!


33 replies on “Upgrade A Disneyland Ticket To An Annual Passport | AP FAQ”

Hi, I have a signature annual pass but want to take my little sister tomorrow to Disneyland, the SoCal select doesn’t let her go till august. If I purchase a park hopper for her can I upgrade at the end of the day to the So Cal Select pass using the monthly payment still?

Hi, if I purchase a 1- day park hopper and decide to upgrade by the end of the day to an annual pass would I still have to pay the anitial deposit of $95 that is required when buying an annual pass I’m too top of what I already payed for with my ticket?

Thank you for the reply! Heading to the parks tomorrow and wanted to be fully informed before I made a decision.

We received complimentary tickets to Disneyland from a Disneyland employee. Can we still use those tickets to upgrade to an AP?

If I visit the park on a Sunday & buy a 1 day pass & later that day want to get the California select annual pass, can I upgrade my ticket even though Sunday’s are blocked out on that pass

Can I buy the SoCal resident 2 day non park hopper pass (the one thats $149), and then upgrade that to the Socal select? And then use the socal resident 2nd day ticket on a socal select blackout day? Or do I have to wait till I use the second socal resident ticket before i buy the socal select?

Great question Seth. When you upgrade your ticket, the whole value will be applied to the AP. In other words, you can’t give up your ticket and then use it too. What you can do is use the second day of your ticket and then, before the end of the day, upgrade it to a SoCal Select.

We are purchasing tickets to Disneyland through Music in the Parks program. Can we apply our ticket to an Annual Pass?

If I’m planning to be in the park during peak days and want to upgrade to a Deluxe AP on my final day which would be December 23rd will I still be able to enter the park?

I was looking at booking a vacation package through a site like Costco travel. Will Disneyland still apply the value of the ticket to an AP if we decide to upgrade at the time we travel?

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