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Upgrade Or Downgrade Your Disneyland Annual Passport | AP FAQ

Upgrade Or Downgrade Your Disneyland Annual Passport
Can you upgrade or even downgrade your Disneyland Annual Passport (AP)?

The answer to both questions is yes, but as always there are exceptions and loopholes.

On this page, we’ll pull back the curtain and spell out exactly where, when, and how you can make these changes to your existing annual pass.

Upgrading Your Disneyland Annual Passport

Imagine this scenario:
Let’s say you have a Southern California Annual Passport and don’t like being blocked out on Saturdays. After taking a look at the other passes you wonder…

Can I upgrade my AP?

Yes, you’re allowed to upgrade your Disneyland Annual Passport at any time, to a pass of greater value. See the chart below for examples.

If you own this AP…You can upgrade to…
SoCal Select APSoCal*, Deluxe, Signature, Signature Plus or Premier
SoCal APDeluxe, Signature, Signature Plus, or Premier
Deluxe APSignature, Signature Plus, or Premier
Signature APSignature Plus or Premier
Signature Plus APPremier
Disney Premier PassportNone – you already have the highest AP
* While sale of new Southern California Annual Passports has been cancelled indefinitely, current AP’s who have already renewed once can upgrade to the SoCal level. Current Annual Passholders can also decide to change to the SoCal AP when they renew.

Scenario: You decide the Deluxe AP fits your budget and vacation goals. You want to upgrade your pass. The next question on your mind is…

How much does it cost to upgrade my Annual Passport?

Since upgrading always means buying a more expensive passport, you’ll always need to pay extra on top of what you’ve already paid for your AP.

I’ve included some tables below showing the price to upgrade your AP from each passport level.

If you’ve already renewed your AP this year, the amounts will be anywhere from $10-50 more. This is due to the difference in renewal discounts between your current and new passport levels.

Cost To Upgrade Each Level Of Disneyland AP
Current AP LevelSoCalDeluxe
Southern California Select AP$130$270
Southern California AP$140

A few notes about these tables:

  1. I didn’t include the Southern California Select AP as an upgrade option in the table above because it’s the lowest level of passport. There’s no place to go but up!
  2. Similarly, I also didn’t add the Disney Premier AP as a current AP level, because there isn’t a higher passport level to upgrade to.
  3. I did include the now-extinct Disneyland Premium
Cost To Upgrade Each Level Of Disneyland AP
Current AP LevelSignatureSignature +Premier*
Southern California Select AP$520$720$1,100
Southern California AP$390$590$980
Deluxe AP$250$450$840
Premium AP$70$270$660
Signature AP$200$590
Signature Plus AP$390
* For ease of use, prices for the Disney Premier Passport are the base cost only and do not include Florida sales tax.


All Annual Passholders upgrading their AP’s have to pay the full difference in price immediately upon upgrading.

If you paid for your Annual Passport in full, you simply owe the extra amount for the upgraded pass and you’re done.

If You Make Monthly Payments On Your AP

If you’re a California resident and choose to finance your Annual Passport, then you still owe the additional amount immediately upon upgrading. However, you don’t have to pay the entire remaining cost of your original AP at that time.

You’ll only owe the extra amount for your upgraded passport.

The monthly installments you agreed to pay Disney when you bought or renewed your original AP will remain the same until you renew or let it expire. This includes upgrades to the Disney Premier Passport! For more information on ‘financing’ your Premier pass, visit our AP Tips and Tricks page.

Scenario: You’ll need to fork over $140 to upgrade your pass to Deluxe. Since you were financing your original SoCal AP, you will still be charged your monthly payment of $36.58 until you either renew your pass or it let it expire.

Where can you upgrade your AP, you ask?

Can I Upgrade My AP Online?

Disneyland Resort Main Entrance Ticket Booths

Even if you bought your AP online, Disneyland Annual Passports can only be upgraded at Resort Main Entrance Ticket Booths, those white buildings you walk by between the baggage checks and turnstiles.

Scenario: On your next visit to Disneyland, you stop by a ticket booth to pay for your Deluxe upgrade. Suddenly, it occurs to you that you’d like to add parking to your passport too.

How do you add parking? And when can you use the benefits of your newly upgraded AP?

Can I Add The AP Yearly Parking Option To My Current Pass?

As of February 2015, you can no longer buy the yearly parking option for your Annual Passport. If you have a SoCal Select, SoCal, or Deluxe AP, you’ll have to pay the daily parking rate ($18) each day of your visit.

However, if you already have the yearly option on your current passport, you will be able to keep it come renewal time.

You also get to keep your parking privileges if you upgrade your AP to a similar level pass, such as moving from a SoCal to a Deluxe passport.

However, upgrading to a passport with unlimited parking (Signature or above) will cancel your yearly parking option. If you decide to step back down to something like a Deluxe AP on a later renewal, the parking option will not be available.

Moral of the story: if you don’t renew the parking option you’ll lose it forever. So make sure to include it when renewing your AP! Also, think twice about parking when you’re upgrading your AP.

For more information on AP parking, visit our Ultimate Guide To Disneyland Annual Passholder Parking.

When does my upgraded AP take effect?

Upgraded Annual Passports immediately gain all of their increased benefits as soon as you pay for them. There isn’t any cooling-off or transition period.

However, if your new AP is blocked out on the day your upgrade it, you’ll still need to buy a regular ticket to get into the park. There isn’t any special ‘blockout day’ entry with an upgrade, like you get when you first buy your pass. For more information on this topic, visit our AP Tips and Tricks page.

When does my upgraded AP expire? When can I renew it?

It is important to remember that you’re only paying to upgrade your Annual Passport, not renew it.

Your AP will still expire on the original date it was set at before the upgrade.

If your pass expires in one month and you pay hundreds of dollars to upgrade it to a Signature AP, you only get the Signature benefits for that one month. At that time, you can renew your AP (at any level) or let it expire.

Scenario: So you were smart about your Annual Passport upgrade. You paid the price difference between a SoCal and Deluxe AP and did it with 8 months left on your pass, more than enough time to realize the extra cost of the expensive passport.

And even though you’re still financing part of your pass, the monthly payments won’t increase, keeping your AP affordable. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the yearly parking option anymore, but you’ll be wise to this and will include the extra cost of parking in your vacation budget.

Now you may ask yourself, “What happens when it comes time to renew my Annual Passport?”

Renewal is a whole different topic and for more information, visit our Renewing Your Disneyland Annual Passport page.

Downgrading Your Disneyland Annual Passport

Scenario: You enjoyed your Disneyland Deluxe Annual Passport last year, but now its time for you to renew your AP and you’re looking for a cheaper option.

Can I downgrade my AP?

Yes, despite what you may read on the Disneyland AP website, you can downgrade your pass to a lower benefit level. However, this can only be done when renewing your passport.

You can’t downgrade your AP mid-year, only upgrade. In the tables below, you can see how much downgrading your existing pass will save you at each level.

Savings To Downgrade Each Level Of Disneyland AP
Current AP LevelSoCal SelectSoCal*Deluxe
Southern California AP$130
Deluxe AP$270$140 –
Signature AP$520$390$250
Signature Plus AP$720$590$450
Disney Premier Passport$1,100$980$840
* While sale of new Southern California Annual Passports has been cancelled indefinitely, current Annual Passholders can decide to downgrade to the SoCal AP when they renew.

A few notes about these tables:

  1. I didn’t include the Southern California Select AP as a current AP level, because it’s the lowest level of passport and there isn’t anything to downgrade to.
  2. Similarly, I also didn’t add the Disney Premier AP as a downgrade option, because it’s the highest passport level and all other AP’s are a step down.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, I did not include the now-extinct Disneyland Premium pass at all, because this level of AP is not available to anyone.
Savings To Downgrade Each Level Of Disneyland AP
Current AP LevelSignatureSignature +
Signature Plus AP$200
Disney Premier Passport **$590$390
** For ease of use, prices for the Disney Premier Passport are the base cost only and do not include Florida sales tax.

Scenario: You decide to downgrade your Deluxe AP to a SoCal Select, saving $270 in the process. What’s next?


Now you know a lot more about the ins-and-outs of Annual Passports, but there’s still more to cover, including details on renewing your AP or even upgrading a regular Disneyland ticket to an Annual Passport.

Visit our AP Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to these questions and more. Have a different problem we haven’t covered? Leave us a comment and we’ll get right on it. Thanks for reading and we’ll see ya’ real soon!


26 replies on “Upgrade Or Downgrade Your Disneyland Annual Passport | AP FAQ”

I lost my job and i wont be able to pay that much money [i have two 62$ AP in total i pay 125 a month) i couldnt pay last month so now i owe 250. I was wondering once i pay this 250 if i can downgrade it for the cheapest AP? I could afford it. Just now what im paying now

Sorry about the hard times Jennifer. Officially, there isn’t any way to downgrade your Disneyland AP. However, Disney may make a hardship exception for you. I suggest you call Annual Passholder services and explain your situation.


Thank you for all the information provided. My So Call Select pass expires April 22nd(next Friday), and I doubt I will renew it( at least for now, new job can’t get weekdays off). I also haven’t used it at all since I last renewed it, so I would like to use it once before it expires! I was wondering, since Friday April 22nd is blacked out(for some strange reason) for the CA select, can I upgrade my pass for that one day to the deluxe pass? I know in the T’s & C’s for the pass it says you can upgrade at any time during your pass cycle, but can I really upgrade on the last day before it expires? If so, do you have an estimate what it would cost? If I have to pay the whole difference between the two passes($250?), probably not worth it.

Awesome website! Def learned some stuff! Question….. Say I buy the so cal select pass today (Jan 13, 2016) and then go in person to Disneyland one week later and try to upgrade…. Do you think they would let me upgrade to the so cal pass which includes the Sunday’s? 😁

Awww should have read the other questions/comments first. I see now that you are saying a sneaky upgrade such as what I mentioned is not possible. 😕 Going to have to wait a year I guess to get the so cal with Sunday’s

Thanks for the question Kim. Based on Disney’s track record thus far, I’m not sure they’ll ever allow this. Right now, CA residents can finance Disneyland AP’s and FL residents can finance WDW AP’s. With already high crowd levels still on the rise, I don’t see them offering this option to other folks any time soon.

I just upgraded my husbands pass from Southern California to Deluxe and was charged $210. I guess they’re making you pay the increased price? I might call and complain.

My pass expired either October or November 2015. I didn’t plan to renew it after that. I just logged into my account and my expiration date says October 15, 2016. How can this be if I didn’t ask for it to renew?

Wow Jose, I’m not sure why the date would say 2016. You have to manually renew your Annual Passport each year. I’d definitely call passholder services and get them to fix this for you. Thanks for the question.

Hi, I have the passswolder for me and for my hold falimily. This will be expire on December. I came back to Brasil and I don,t wanna renew my tickets….. What I have to do ??? Thanks, Simone.

Hi Simone. If your Annual Passports expire in December and you don’t want to renew, you don’t have to do anything. They’ll expire on their own and won’t auto-renew. You’ll be completely finished and out. Thanks for the question.

Just to clarify, upgrading from so cal select to so cal is not possible; however, renewing from so cal select to so cal is possible, correct? I saw your example with the deluxe renewing to so cal, but wasn’t sure if going from the socal select to socal was possible. If so, how do I ask to do this since the website makes it sound unavailable? And at what point, does it become the renewal period? My so cal select pass is due to be up in September, but was extended for one month due to the measles incident.

My sad backstory is my family had the so cal passes, tried renewing and had difficulty on multiple occasions so it lapsed and decided we’d wait till after summer to save money. When the pass was made unavailable in May 2014, we were at the 91 day mark and just one day outside being able to renew the passes. I purchased a socal select for myself, but let the rest of my family’s passes go for the year.

So if I were able to renew my pass for the so cal, is there any way they would let me get the same so cal passes for the rest of my family (as in the grandfathered clause for new members (children) of a family to have the same as the rest) or would I be forced to get them different passes? How does that work when the kids are not able to have the same pass as the parent?

Thanks for sharing your information!

Thanks for the comment! You’re correct, you can’t upgrade to a SoCal AP from SoCal Select, but you can renew at the regular SoCal level at the end of your membership year. Your renewal period begins 40 days prior to the expiration of your current AP. When you log in to the Disneyland ticket store to renew your AP, it will ask you to enter your AP number, found on the back of your pass. The system will then check to see that you’re eligible for renewal and allow you to select which AP level you’d like to renew at. At that time, you’ll be able to choose to have a regular SoCal pass.

Sorry to hear about your troubles with past Annual Passports! I know that if a most of a family has SoCal passes, Disney will ‘grandfather’ in their minor children at the SoCal level. I’m not sure about Disney’s policy if only one person has a SoCal pass. I’ll do some research and get back to you. Thanks again.

I did that research I promised and I’m afraid you won’t like the answer. Disney specifically states that if the parents have regular SoCal AP’s, then they’ll grandfather in their children once they turn three. They will not make this exception for your spouse or any older children. They’ll have to get SoCal Select, Deluxe, or Premium passports and then they can renew at the SoCal level after one year. Sorry.

Hi Sarah. It looks like Deluxe or Premium are your only options. You can only renew into the regular SoCal AP, that is move to it after one year with another level of Annual Passport. Hope this helps you out. Thanks for the comment!

I’m a premium AP holder that expires in Sept – we’re thinking of going to Disney World in July and I’m thinking of upgrading to the Disney Primier so I can use my AP while we’re in FL – it still saves a lot vs buying tickets for each park – does that mean I still have to pay the $320? Even tho my current AP is almost up for renewal?

Thanks 🙂

Thanks for the comment Jamie. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is yes. Every type of AP upgrade requires that you pay the entire additional cost upfront, regardless of how much time is left on your current AP. In other words, Disney won’t prorate the cost of the upgrade to the remaining valid period of your passport and you’ll owe approximately $320.

This could still be a good deal, depending on your WDW vacation plans. The price of an adult 3-Day WDW park hopper ticket is more than the cost of the upgrade to Premier. Also, you’d get free parking at every Disney World location, access to the water parks, and your Premium food/merchandise discounts.

Hope this helps you out and have fun on your trip!

I’m a bit confused. I have a SoCal Select AP and would like to upgrade to Deluxe. Would I need to pay that $250 upfront or can I pay that monthly? Is that the down payment needed to upgrade for Deluxe?

Great question, Lilian. Whenever you upgrade your AP you have to pay the entire difference in price up front. So in your case, $250 will be due on the spot. However, if you’re currently making payments on your SoCal Select AP, those will still be made on schedule and for the same amount as before the upgrade. Disney doesn’t allow you to roll the price of the upgrade into your monthly payment.

Hope this helps you out.

Great website! Would you guys know… If I upgrade my SoCal pass to Deluxe on a day Deluxe is blocked out, will I be allowed in that day? I know that works with renewals, just not sure about upgrades. Thank you!

Great Question Marcella! If you upgrade your AP, say from SoCal to Deluxe as you suggest, you still won’t be able to use it on any of it’s blockout days. If your new Deluxe pass is blocked out on the day you upgrade, you won’t be able to use it to enter the park. The same is also true when renewing your AP. The only time you get the ‘special blockout day admission’ is the first day you buy a new Annual Passport.

Hope this helped you out!

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