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Renewing Your Disneyland Annual Passport | AP FAQ

Renewing Your Disneyland Annual Passport

You’ve enjoyed your Disneyland Annual Passport (AP) for the past year and receive a notice in the mail reminding you that it’s time to renew. What do you do? Where do you go? How much will it cost this time?

On this page, you will learn all about renewing your Disneyland AP, including important information on your renewal discount.

When Can I Renew My Annual Passport?

You can renew your passport up to 40 days in advance.

Can I Renew An Expired Annual Passport?

While you may hear otherwise in online forums, let me give you the official word from Disney:

If your Annual Passport expires, it will NOT be possible to renew it.

Even if you buy an AP right after your old one expired, they will consider it an entirely new pass and not eligible for the renewal discount (more on that below).

Where Can I Renew My Disneyland Annual Passport?

You can renew your annual pass online or in-person at the Disneyland Resort.

Renewing Your AP In-Person

Mouse Monthly - Disneyland Resort Main Entrance Ticket Booths

You can renew your AP at the Resort Main Entrance Ticket Booths, located between the baggage check areas and entry turnstiles. It’s a straightforward process and usually only takes a few minutes.

Make sure to show up 30-45 minutes before park opening if you want to be done before the rope drops on Main Street, USA!

Renewing Your AP Online

Your Disneyland Annual Passport number is directly below barcode on the back.
Your Disneyland Annual Passport number is directly below barcode on the back.

Renewing your Annual Passport online is the fastest and easiest way to go. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Disneyland Annual Passport Renewal page.
    1. Click ‘Renew Now.’
  2. Sign into your Disneyland account.
    1. You’ll need an account to renew your AP online, so if you don’t already have one click ‘Create Account‘ and follow the instructions.
  3. You’ll arrive at the AP renewal ticket store login page.
    1. Enter your AP account number, last name, and date of birth.
      1. Your AP number (or barcode number) is the one immediately below the barcode, not your hyphenated Photo Pass number. See the picture above for reference.
    2. Click ‘Look up Pass.’
  4. If your passport is within 40 days of expiring and eligible for renewal, you’ll be taken to the AP ticket store.
    1. Here you’ll be able to select which AP level you’d like to renew at, as well as the payment terms.
  5. For each pass (except Premier) you have the option of either paying the full amount immediately or making monthly payments.
    1. If you already set your vacation goals and budget, it will be very easy to find the pass you’re looking for.
    2. Make sure you select the correct payment option (full payment now versus monthly payments)!
  6. Once you’ve selected the pass and terms, click ‘Add to Cart.’
    1. You’ll need to repeat this process for each Annual Passport you’re looking to renew.
  7. After you’ve added all the AP’s you are renewing, you can then checkout and pay for them.
    1. If you’ve decided to make monthly payments, you’ll be directed to a payment agreement you will have to digitally sign.
  8. Enter your credit card details, agree to the payment schedule, and you’re done!

How Much Does AP Renewal Cost?

In recent years, Disney has raised the price for Annual Passports like clockwork. For more information on how the price of your specific AP has changed over time, check out the Ultimate Guide page for your pass.

Disneyland AP Renewal Discount

To entice current Annual Passholders to renew, Disney offers renewal discounts at each AP level. The amount of the discount increases with each AP benefit level.

If you’re renewing your AP this year, it’s very important to remember:

Your Annual Passport must be renewed before the expiration date to be eligible for the renewal discount.

If you choose to let your AP expire and try to renew it at a later date, you will be charged the full price without any discount. Also, since the Southern California AP is only available for renewal, if your pass does expire and you try to renew it later on, the regular SoCal pass will not be an option for you.

Annual PassportCurrent PriceRenewal DiscountAP Renewal Price
Southern California Select AP$339$10$329
Southern California AP$469$20$449*
Deluxe AP$619$40$579
Signature AP$849$50$799
Signature Plus AP$1,049$60$989
Disney Premier Passport$1,439** None$1,439**
* The Southern California Annual Passport is only available for renewal.
**Price does not include Florida sales tax.

Disneyland Annual Passport Yearly Parking Renewal

As of February 2015, the AP yearly parking option is no longer available for purchase. While the Signature, Signature Plus, and Disney Premier Annual Passports include unlimited parking, the SoCal Select, SoCal, and Deluxe passports must now pay the daily rate for parking on each visit.

If you already have the yearly parking option on your current AP, you will be able to renew it.

The new price for those renewing their yearly parking has gone up thirty dollars to $199. Simply renew your passport using the methods described above, making sure to include parking, and your privileges will continue for another 12 months.

Be advised: if you don’t renew the parking option you’ll lose it forever, or until Disney puts it up for sale again, whichever comes first. For more information on all the details of AP parking, visit our Ultimate Guide To Disneyland Annual Passholder Parking.

Can I Change My Annual Passport Level When I Renew?

The best way to think about AP’s is this: everyone has the same Annual Passport, but some people pay more money for higher benefits (such as fewer blockout days and higher discounts).

When it comes time to renew your AP, you get to pick whichever level pass you’d like for the next year. If you’re upgrading or downgrading your passport, the new level of benefits will immediately kick-in upon the expiration of your “old AP.”

When Will My Monthly Payments Change?

If you’re a California resident and choose to finance your annual passport, your new monthly payments will begin on your renewal date. If you were making monthly payments before and decided to upgrade or downgrade your AP, the payment amount will change at this time as well.

Also remember: only first-time Annual Passholders are required to make a down payment when they finance their pass. So if this is your first time renewing your AP, the monthly payments will be a little higher because now you’re financing the entire cost of the pass.

Can I Make A Down Payment When Renewing My Disneyland AP?

Depending on your situation, you may want to make a down payment when you renew your pass and lower your monthly payments. For example, you could pay half of your AP up front and finance the rest.

Current passholders can make a renewal down payment if they choose to, but only at one of the Main Entrance Ticket Booths.

You can also make extra payments on your Annual Passport during the year, either at a ticket booth or over the phone. However, unlike making an initial down payment, paying extra later won’t change the amount of your monthly installment. That number is set once you sign your financing contract with Disney.

Can I Buy My Child A Southern California AP?

This is a very common renewal question.

‘New’ parents see their young kids approaching the magical age of three (when they’ll need their own Disneyland AP’s) and wonder what it’s going to cost. Will they need to give up their own SoCal passes upon renewal?

Have no fear! If your family holds current Southern California Annual Passports, then you’ll be allowed to buy new ones for your ‘coming of age’ children.

We’ve written an entire guide on Disneyland Annual Passports For Children, covering this topic in detail. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Why Does The Disneyland Site Say My Annual Passport Is Going To Expire In A Few Days Even Though I’ve Just Renewed It?

If you’ve renewed your AP, either online or in-person at the resort, it will automatically renew when your old AP expires.

The Disneyland website will show your existing passport is expiring soon and, on the day it expires, the renewal will automatically activate and display your new year of availability.

You may also receive an email or notice in the mail of your upcoming pass expiry even though you had already completed your renewal online. This is just an automated message generated by Disney and is not cause for concern.

Do I Need To Send In My Old Passport?

You don’t need to exchange your old Annual Passport for a new one.

The current AP card you carry in your wallet or purse will be the same one your use next year, so hold on to it. Years ago, Disney would send you a new pass each year, many times with a different design on the front. However, for the past few years they’ve simply reactivated AP’s online.

No doubt this saves the company a lot of time and money.


Renewing your Annual Passport is simple to do and keeps your Disneyland fun rolling for another year. For more information on Disneyland AP’s, visit our Annual Passports – Frequently Asked Questions page.

Have any thoughts to add about AP renewal? Leave us a comment below. We hope this page has answered all your questions. Thanks for reading and we’ll see ya’ real soon!


25 replies on “Renewing Your Disneyland Annual Passport | AP FAQ”

I have a question, when you are renewing early and you still have that one more monthly payment, will you be double billed for that last payment and your new monthly payment?

For example, expiration on 8/22, I already paid this months monthly payment (July) and I renew for our new passes, will I get charged the month of August double?

If our passes are blocked out today but we new our passes today can we go in to Disneyland or are we still blocked out?

Great question Courtney. You can enter the park if you renew your AP on it’s renewal date at one of the main entrance ticket booths. If this isn’t your expiration date, then renewing your pass won’t grant you entry into the park.

I have a SoCal AP that expires on 4/7/15. Even though that AP is no longer available, I can still renew for the same AP, price, and blockout dates?

If I currently have a Deluxe Pass and need to renew soon, can I renew to the Socal pass? Or do I need to be a Socal Passholders to renew Socal?

I read on a billboard that So Cal AP (not the select) will become available for purchase in May or June 2016 to purchase. Is that correct? Thank you

My wife and I have So Cal Select passes that expire on 2/14/16. We are renewing to So Cal and I’m trying to make a trip on 1/18. My current pass is blocked out, so if I renew will I be able to get in, or does the blackout dates still apply until my current pass expire?


so my premium pass expires 1/2/16 but i renewed early to the signature pass. does it mean that i’m blocked out the days remaining until the expiration date or can i still go since the signature is blocked out until 1/3

You can use the valid dates on your Premium AP until it officially ‘expires,’ at which time you’ll have the Signature blockout days. So you can go to the park 1/1. Thanks for the question Karen.

If I renew my pass the day expires 11/6/15 will I still get the renewal discount? or do I need to renew before to get the discount? And do they still give you the 20% off coupon as a gift for renewing?

Thank You!

Hi there! My son is coming of age (3) soon, and I was curious if he would be eligible to get the SoCal AP like the rest of the family has (we have renewed for many years and still have this gem). The woman at the ticket booth told my husband he would be able to purchase him a pass, but my friend did not have that option today at the ticket booth. Any insight or strategies would be appreciated!

If I renew my pass I know it says California residents do not have to pay anything down to renew their pass. But am I able to put a down payment anyway to lower my monthly payment?

This is a great overview! You mentioned if you purchase 40 days before your pass expires that your pass will auto-renew the day after expiration. I was speaking with a cast member this morning and asked if, for example, my pass expire 1/5/16 and I decided to renew 11/29/15, would my new expiration date be 11/29/16 or would it still be 1/5/17? She said that the new expiration date would be 11/29/16 since that is the day I chose to renew. It did not make any sense to me because I told her that I would be losing money, if that was the case. What’s the perk of the discount if that’s what occurs when renewing early? She sent me to her supervisor’s voice mail to get more clarity since she was only making assumptions. Do you know the correct answer to this? I’m waiting on the supervisor to return my call. TIA

Great question Josie. The expiration date for your AP will remain the same, 1/5. You’re absolutely right that it wouldn’t make sense for the date to change if you renewed early.

As an example, my family’s AP’s expire on 11/6/15. We just renewed them last week and the new expiration date is 11/6/16.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

If you’re buying more than one Annual Pass and don’t want to buy them all Premium, you can still benefit in receiving all the Premium Perks (including Free Parking) by buying 1 pass as a Premium Pass and the others as Deluxe Passes (or whatever other pass). My wife and I will probably do it this way since we usually go together. Because, if you think about it, to renew a Deluxe Pass, it will cost us $509. Say we were to add parking on it, that’s another $169, bringing that pass to $678. A Premium Pass Renewal is $719 which is only a $41 difference. So, why not pay an extra $41 for Free Parking, higher discounts, etc. (and perhaps more days). The only downside on this is that you would always have to travel with your significant other to pull this off. Hope this tip helps for those buying more than 1 pass.

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