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Giving A Disneyland Annual Passport As A Gift | AP FAQ

Giving A Disneyand Annual Passport As A Gift

Buying a Disneyland Annual Passport (AP) for a friend or family member is a great way to share the magic of Disney with others!

But are you allowed to buy a passport for someone else? Which Disneyland passes can you buy and what do they cost? Can you finance an AP you’re giving as a gift?

We’ve got all the information you need to brighten up someone else’s year and not pull out your own hair in the process.

Can I Buy A Disneyland Annual Passport As A Gift?

Anyone can buy a Disneyland passport for any person. You don’t need to be a Disneyland passholder yourself.

Also, there isn’t any particular time of year you have to wait for to buy a gift AP.

Do I Need To Be Related To Someone To Buy Them An AP?

Disney doesn’t have any sort of special qualification on personal relationships when it comes to gift AP’s. You can buy a passport for any friend or family member.

Giving A Disneyland Southern California Annual Passport As A Gift

Can I Buy A SoCal AP As A Gift?

Regular Southern California passports are only available to current passholders when they renew. Therefore, they can not purchased as gifts.

However, the Southern California Select pass can be bought as a present, as well as all the other Disneyland Annual Passports.

Can I Buy A Southern California Pass For Someone Who Lives Out Of The Area?

You don’t need to live in Southern California to buy a SoCal AP as a gift for another person. However, the recipient must live in Southern California to own a SoCal AP, even if it is a present.

Paying For A Disneyland Annual Passport As A Gift

Is There A Discount For Buying A Disneyland AP As A Gift?

When you buy an Annual Passport as a present, you’ll have to pay the full list price. There isn’t any discount for altruism.

Can I Finance A Disneyland AP I Give As A Gift?

Gift or not, any California resident can finance a Disneyland AP. Visit our ‘Can I Finance My Disneyland Annual Passport‘ page for more information on monthly payments.

When Will My Payments For The Gifted Annual Passport Start?

If you choose to finance a gift AP, the payments will begin immediately, regardless of when the pass is activated.

Disneyland AP Gift Fine Print

Whose Information Goes On The Annual Passport: Mine Or The Recipients?

When you buy a Disneyland Annual Passport for someone else, you’ll have to give two different sets of information:

  1. Since you’re paying for the AP, your information goes into the billing part of the order form.
  2. The passport will belong to whomever you’re giving it to, so the recipient’s information goes into the passholder part of the order form.

When Does A Gifted Annual Passport Activate?

New Disneyland Annual Passports activate (become valid) the first time they’re used to enter the park.

When Will The Gifted AP Expire?

Once a Disneyland Annual Passport is activated, it will remain valid for one year.

Will The AP Auto-Renew After One Year?

After one year, the benefits for your gift Annual Passport will expire unless manually renewed. There is no auto-renewal and you won’t see an extra charge on your credit card for the next year.

Do I Get Any Benefits For Buying Someone Else A Passport?

Sorry, only passholders themselves receive the benefits that come along with having them. Your benefit will be the warm glow of making someone else happy.

Disneyland Annual Passport Gift Scenario

Here’s a common AP gift scenario that you can adjust for your purposes.

It’s October and you want to buy a Disneyland Annual Passport for someone this Christmas. This person lives in Southern California, so you decide to get them a SoCal Select AP and finance it.

You buy the passport and begin making regular payments around Halloween. Disney sends you an email confirmation of the purchase, which you give to your friend in a nice card for Christmas. Your friend finally visits Disneyland with their new AP in January the following year.

But wait! Didn’t you buy that passport months ago? Haven’t you been making regular payments on that year-long Annual Passport since the Fall? Are those months wasted?

The answer is no. The clock on new Disneyland AP’s doesn’t start until someone activates (enters the park) with them.

Until a Disneyland Annual Passport is activated, it’s just a piece of paper. You can go months between buying and activating your AP without penalty.

In our example, the expiration date for your friend’s new pass will be a year from the date it was activated in January. You’ll finish paying for it months before, but that won’t have any affect on their benefits. In fact, they won’t even know.


Christmas is a useful, mostly universal holiday to choose, but the same concept can be applied to other holidays, as well as birthdays, anniversaries, and ‘just because’ sorts of days.

Now you know how to buy someone a Disneyland AP as a gift. I hope we’ve cleared up this issue, but if you can think of any other questions, feel free to ask!

We love hearing from fellow Disney fans, so leave us a comment. Thanks again for reading and we’ll see ya’ real soon!


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