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Can I Finance My Disneyland Annual Passport? | AP FAQ

All California Residents Can Finance Disneyland Annual Passports
All CA Residents Can Finance DL AP’s

The ability to finance your Disneyland Annual Passport (AP), to buy now and pay later, is a large reason many people are able to own the passes at all. If you’re like me, you may find the wording about this on Disney’s website a bit confusing.

Are you wondering if you’re eligible to make monthly payments? Do you need to qualify? Do you need credit references? Are there finance charges?

We’re going to clear up that confusion right now!

All California Residents Can Finance Their Disneyland Annual Passport

Monthly payments are valid only for California residents living in zip codes 90000-96199…

Most people think zip codes 90000-96199 are for the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas only, but they’d be wrong. This area covers every county and town within the State of California.

This means that you can live in San Francisco or Redding, which are most definitely in Northern California, and still finance your Disneyland Annual Passport.

Residents of other states may buy annual passes, but do not have the option of monthly payments. Financing is only available for those who live in a California zip code, but the payment amount will differ depending on whether you’re a new or existing Annual Passholder.

You can set up monthly payments either online or in-person at the park, but not with a Cast Member over the phone. This is because Disney needs your signature on the financing contract.

Also, while most AP’s can be financed, the Disney Premier Passport can not. The entire cost for a new pass must be paid in full at time of purchase. However, there is a trick when upgrading an existing AP to Premier. Check out our Disneyland Annual Passport Tips And Tricks page for more information.

New Annual Passholders: Be Prepared For A Large Initial Payment

If you live in California, it’s easy to write-off the relatively small monthly payments as an affordable and insignificant expense. While the finance option does allow you to pay in smaller chunks, spreading the cost of your Annual Passport over 12 months, if you’re buying a brand new AP don’t forget to account for the first payment in your vacation budget.

A one-time down payment of $97.00 is required for all new, financed Annual Passports.

Everyone making payments on a new AP has to make a down payment equal to a 1-Day single-park value ticket ($97). This means that the first pay-period on your AP will be much larger, $117-$176 per passport depending on which level you buy.

Disneyland Annual PassportDown PaymentMonthly Payment For New AP’sInitial Payment (Down Payment + First Month)
Southern California Select AP$97$20.17$117.17
Southern California AP *
Deluxe AP$97$43.50$140.50
Premium AP **Not Available
Signature AP$97$62.67$159.67
Signature Plus AP$97$79.33$176.33
Disney Premier Passport †None$1,439.00
* As of November 2017, sales of new Southern California Annual Passport have been suspended. For reasons why, check out my article ‘5 Steps of Disney’s (Not So) Secret Strategy to Axe Passholders.’
** As of October 2015 the Premium Annual Passport is not available for purchase or renewal.
† For ease of use, the price of the Disney Premier Passport does not include sales tax. Also, while the Premier AP cannot be directly financed, though there is a workaround solution to this problem. Visit the AP Tips & Tricks page for more information.

Current Annual Passholders: Expect Higher Monthly Payments

If you’re renewing an existing Disneyland Annual Passport, you won’t have to make a down payment.

Though current Annual Passholders receive a renewal discount, their monthly payments will be higher because there is no initial down payment. Existing passholders will pay the slightly discounted price of the AP, averaged over 12 months, so expect to see slightly higher charges on your credit card than originally advertised.

Also, if you have the AP yearly parking option on your current Annual Passport, that cost ($199) will also be averaged over the year, further increasing the amount of your monthly payments.

Below is a table showing monthly payments for existing passports.

 Monthly Payment For Current AP’s
Disneyland Annual PassportWithout Parking OptionWith Parking Option
Southern California Select AP$27.42$44.00
Southern California AP$37.42$54.00
Deluxe AP$48.25$64.83
Premium APNot AvailableNot Available
Signature AP$66.58Already Included
Signature Plus AP$82.42Already Included
Disney Premier Passport
* As of October 2015, the Premium Annual Passport is not available for purchase or renewal.
† The Disney Premier Passport cannot be financed.

Do you want to put extra money down when renewing your AP or even make an extra payment during the year? Well, you certainly can!

For more information on this and other AP renewal topics, visit our ‘Renewing Your Disneyland Annual Passport‘ page.

AP Monthly Payments – The Fine Print

Financing a Disneyland Annual Passport is not like buying a home or car.

  • You don’t need credit references and there won’t be a personal credit check.
  • There isn’t a long credit application.
  • You don’t need to qualify (like you would for say, a credit card).
  • There is no interest or finance charges.
  • There is no penalty for paying off your AP early.

Essentially, Disney extends you an interest-free, good faith loan that costs you nothing and without any prepayment penalty. However, there are extra charges if you do something like miss a payment, so do your part and keep up with what you owe.

There are some differences if you’re already financing your AP and want to upgrade your pass, which we discuss on our Annual Passport Upgrade page.

Southern California Annual Passports Are For SoCal Residents Only

Even though you can live in Central or Northern California and finance your pass, you must still physically reside in Southern California (zip codes 90000-93599) to own either the Southern California or Southern California Select Annual Passports.

If you live in the Golden State, but outside of the official Disney SoCal area, you have the option of the Deluxe, Signature, Signature Plus, or Disney Premier passes.

If you’re already making payments, and want to know the amount still owed on your pass, visit our AP payment schedules page for more information.

How do Disney’s monthly finance options factor into your vacation plans? Leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading. and we’ll see ya’ real soon!


38 replies on “Can I Finance My Disneyland Annual Passport? | AP FAQ”

I m a southern California resident but have an az license I have a ulitity bill for my California house n also if I do the payment plan do I need to bring my credit card to show proof

Hi! I recently got my SOCAL pass last month and haven’t returned to the parks since. What if I were unable to pay for this month’s payment, will they cancel my pass. What will happen?

Im not sure if you know the answer, i can’t find it anywhere, so any help would be appreciated 🙂 If my family and I are behind on our Disneyland Annual Pass payments, would we still be able to buy a regular ticket into the park or are we not allowed back in to the park until our pass payments are up to date? thank you in advance for any help!

Say i get the AP with a monthly payment option and i put the down payment and after going to the park i cant make the monthly payments. Will i be accused of fraud or fined? Or will they just cancel my pass until i pay it?

I’m not sure if Disney would send you to collections or not, because it’s not a very ‘magical’ thing to do. However, there is no mechanism to cancel your AP. If you don’t make your payments, it will immediately be suspended and you’ll be barred from purchasing one in the future until your debts are paid. Thanks for the question, Marco.

I want to get an annual pass for me and my husband and do the monthly payments (we live in California), can we pay more towards the pass instead of the 95 down payment? To possibly lower the payments?

If me and my boyfriend both got annual passes but its under his name but my card who’s credit will it affect if wr cannot pay it off?

If I had an annual pass over a year ago and defaulted on payments can I apply for a new pass and be eligible for monthly payments or do I need to pay off the old one first?

Hey I bought 3 annual passes via the monthly so Cal annual pass payment plan for my self my mother and my husband. We are all San Diego residents however my mom lost her I’d. We we’re planning on going tomorrow. I really don’t want to wait for her replacement. Is there any thing we can do? Bring other proof of residency?

Hi Nicole. If your mother lost her Disneyland annual passport, then she can get a temporary one at one of the Main Entrance Ticket Booths. If she lost her drivers license to prove SoCal residency, she could bring a passport or other ID. If she doesn’t have one of those, maybe a utility bill? Either way, I’d just go to the park, explain your situation, and I’m sure they’ll help you out. Have fun!

I defaulted on my annual pass last year. I still have not been able to square it up. If a military ticket is bought for me by someone will I be able to get in the park?

Ok so I purchased a Disneyland signature annual passport online on January 28 but I still haven’t gone and I wanted to know when is my next payment due and did my year start already or does it start the first time I go?

Thanks for the questions Marco. If you bought a brand new AP, not a renewal, it won’t activate until you use it the first time. So you haven’t missed out on several weeks. Also, if you financed your passport, your payments will continue on a monthly basis whether you’ve activated your AP or not. Your next payment should be due 2/28.

If we live in AZ, but go frequently and want do do the Deluxe passport, and make payments can we use a friend’s SoCal address?

Great question Caitlyn. Officially, you need to actually live in CA to be eligible for financing. Unofficially, you can probably get away with this. The only problem would be if you ever needed to show your ID to a ticketing CM who is paying attention. When you show your AZ drivers license, you might be able to use the excuse ‘we just moved,’ but it’s a risk that may catch up with you at some point.

Good question, Jose. I believe it can hurt your credit. You’ve made a contract to pay for something, just like buying a car or a home. If you don’t pay for the things you buy, your credit will undoubtedly be affected.

Does Disneyland have any plans in the future to let non California residents finance a season pass? I live in Utah and would love to have a Season pass for my family but trying to come up with 3 thousand dollars at once is a bit steep!

Any idea if California residents would be able to take advantage of the financing if upgrading a standard multi-day park ticket at the end of a vacation? For example, if we just finished our three day vacation and decide it would be worth it to upgrade to the AP before the end of our last day, if we could upgrade in person AND use the monthly financing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks 🙂

Thanks for the great question, Laura! In fact, as a CA resident, you can finance the remainder of your AP after upgrading a regular ticket to an Annual Passport. The value of your Disneyland ticket will count for a down payment and you can set up monthly payments for the rest with a Cast Member.

We’ve actually got an entire page about upgrading regular Disneyland tickets to Annual Passports. This gives us another scenario that we haven’t thought of before and we’ll add it to the page soon. Thanks again!

I would hope in the future that you would provide the premier with a per month option..I am sure a lot cusotmers will buy that.

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