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Disneyland Annual Passport Frequently Asked Questions

Disneyland Annual Passport Frequently Asked Questions

General Disneyland Annual Passport (AP) Questions

  • » What Are Blockout Days?
    • Blockout days are days when you are not able to enter either park at the Disneyland Resort with your Annual Passport. The number of days varies with each passport type. For more information on specific time periods your AP is blocked out, please visit the Ultimate Guide page for your passport.
  • » Can I Buy Discounted Tickets On Days When My Annual Pass Is Blocked Out?
    • No. At this time there are no Annual Passholder discounted regular or blockout day tickets available.
  • » When Will Disney Make The Southern California Annual Passport Available For Purchase Again?
    • At this time, the SoCal Annual Passport is only available for renewal by existing passholders. This means that any current AP can change to/from the SoCal passport come renewal time.
    • However, there are no new SoCal passes for sale and there is no definite date of when they may become available again. Visit our Disneyland Southern California Annual Passport Ultimate Guide for more details.
  • » Did Disney Cancel The Southern California Select Annual Passport (SoCal Select AP)?
  • » Did Disney Get Rid Of The Premium Annual Pass?
    • Yes, on October 4, 2015, Disney announced the cancellation of the Premium AP. Those with current Premium passes will be able to exercise the privileges of their pass until it comes time for renewal, at which time they will have to switch to a different AP level.
  • » What If I Forget To Bring My Annual Passport To The Park?
    • According to Disney, all Passholders are allowed one courtesy admission per year. This one day Park Hopper ticket can be obtained at a Resort Main Entrance Ticket Booth.
    • Even though there is a limit, if you’re on a multiple day trip and forget your AP, in our experience Disney will give you a courtesy admission on each day of your trip. You simply need to ask for it each day as described above.
  • » What If I Lose My Annual Passport Or It Is Stolen?
    • You can get your Annual Passport replaced for a non-refundable fee of $20. You can report the loss at the Resort Main Entrance Ticket Booth or by calling the Annual Passholder Hotline at (714) 781-4546. If you show a copy of your police report for a stolen pass the replacement fee may be waived.
  • » Are The Age Limits On Annual Passports The Same As Regular Tickets (Kids 3-9)? When do I Need To Buy An AP For My Child?
  • » Can I Buy A Southern California AP For My Child?
    • Possibly. If your family currently has SoCal Annual Passports, you’ll be allowed to buy a new SoCal AP for any of your kids turning three. For more information, visit our Disneyland Annual Passports For Children page.
  • » Does Disney Sell A Half Or Partial-Year Annual Passport?
    • No, all Disneyland AP’s cover the calendar full year. This can be a concern for families with children turning three (thus requiring their own pass) out of sync with the parent’s AP renewal time.
    • We’ve written down a few thoughts on this subject on our Disneyland Annual Passports For Children page. Check it out for a more lengthy discussion of your options.
  • » Do I Have To Pay Sales Tax On My Annual Passport?
  • » Where Can I Buy An AP While At The Resort?
  • » What Is The Start Date On My New Annual Passport?
    • Your Annual Passport is activated the first time you use it to enter the park. If you bought it online, bring your eTicket to the park, where will be converted into a regular AP card. Then, when you enter the park, your calendar year will begin from that date.
  • » Can I Buy An Annual Passport As A Gift?

Upgrade Or Downgrade Your Disneyland Annual Passport

Disneyland Annual Passport (AP) Upgrades And Downgrades

For more information on all your passport upgrade/downgrade questions, please visit our AP Upgrades & Downgrades page.

  • » Can I Cancel My Annual Passport?
    • Kind of. While you can’t cancel your annual pass mid-year, you can choose to not renew your AP at the end of your subscription year.
  • » When Can I Renew My Annual Passport?
    • All AP’s can be renewed, either online or in-person, 40 days before their expiration date. Your Annual Passport will not renew itself. For more information on renewals, visit our Renewing Your Disneyland Annual Passport page.
  • » Is There A Discount For Renewing My Disney Annual Passport Early?
    • Sort of. While there is no specific discount for renewing your pass early, there is general discount simply for renewing at all.
    • Also, acting at the beginning of your renewal window (40 days before they expire) does lock-in the price of your AP at that time. That way if the price of your pass goes up the next month, you’re already covered at the lower price.
    • So don’t wait to renew or you may end up paying substantially more.
  • » Can I Make A Down Payment When Renewing My Annual Passport?
  • » Can I Downgrade My Annual Passport?
  • » Can I Upgrade A Regular Ticket To An Annual Passport?

Disneyland Annual Passport

Annual Passholder (AP) Benefits

  • » Do I Get Annual Passholder Discounts In Downtown Disney Shops And Restaurants?
    • Yes, passholders receive 10% off at most restaurants for all passport types, except for the House of Blues® which offers a 15% discount at select locations. At the retail shops, AP’s will receive a 10% discount. However, Premium, Signature, Signature Plus, & Disney Premier passholders will get their 20% merchandise discount at all Disney-owned shops (i.e. World of Disney, Disney Vault 28) and House of Blues®.
  • » Do I Get Disneyland Resort Annual Passholder Discounts At Walt Disney World (WDW)?
    • Sadly, no. Only Disney Premier Passholders, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members and WDW Annual Passholders get these discounts at Disney World.
  • » Do I get My Annual Passport Discount At Every Disneyland Food Venue? Churros? Turkey Legs?
    • No, you do not get discounts at food carts (popcorn, churros, ice cream, etc.) or on alcoholic beverages.


23 replies on “Disneyland Annual Passport Frequently Asked Questions”

What if I didnt pay for our annual pass 10 years ago due to us transferring to another state due to military orders 10 to 15 years ago do instill have to pay that back we had no time to call or anything we forgot about all our passes we wernt foucs on that.

do the season passes last one year from the day you bought them or until the end of the year? i would figure a year from when you bought it, i just want to make sure!

Great question Hannah. When you buy a new AP, they last one year from the first day you use it, regardless of when it was purchased. After that, your AP will expire on that same day, regardless of when you renew it.

Someone stole my identity and purchased an annual pass under my name and left a balance of $400.00+ what can I do?

I’m paying for 3 annual passes my sons mine and his dad but his dad moved out of the country he will not be back do I still have to pay for his even thought he’s no longer in the country???

If I have a Florida resident annual pass and my Father from out of state wanted to go to Disney. Am I able to take him under my pass
Or any other friends or family for that matter?

If my x wife had season pass for the family and stop paying for it can I still get a season pass for me and my kids since it was in her name

Great question, David. I believe your ex-wife can transfer the passes to you. Otherwise, you should be able to talk to Disney and setup passes on your own, since as you say the old ones were in her name.

I had bought a pass about a year ago, and had experience identiy theft, going through a rough time I never renewed or change my payment method. I had put it off for awhile, can i continue to pay the monthly payments if i go back to it? or do i have to pay a full amount after a while of not paying

Sorry to hear about the identity theft, Jocelyn! You should definitely call Disney to get help with this problem. I imagine that you’ll have to bring your current balance up-to-date before you’d be allowed to continue with AP benefits. Good luck!

We got a pass and never use it. We no longer will be able to go to the park because of a new job. and they wont let me cancel my pass. I am not asking for a refund i just dont want to pay for something that i have never use or will. I just think its a Joke that cant cancel something that i have never use.

If I was paying monthly payments on a debit card but recently had the debit card replaced, will that affect my payment method?

If i’m paying for my ex’s annual pass can i continue ro pay for it but habw ir blocked so they cant use it or can i switch it to a different person?

Hi Carol. Unfortunately, you can’t change the owner of a person’s annual passport. If you’re making payments for someone’s AP, you can contact Disney to change the method of payment. This should include making your ex responsible for their own pass, but if that person doesn’t agree, I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it.

“Also, acting at the beginning of your renewal window (40 days before they expire) does lock-in the price of your AP at that time. That way if the price of your pass goes up the next month, you’re already covered at the lower price.”

Confused by what this means regarding the “lock-in the price”? My SoCal Select expires on October 18 and unfortunately we were going to renew it the night of October 3 (day before prices went up) but it was late so we pushed it off. Does this mean we get the $10 discount of the price we originally paid for the pass or does it now apply to the current price of the pass when we renew it ($329). Please let me know; good work on the site – very helpful!

Thanks for the question! By ‘lock-in the price,’ I mean that you’ll buy an AP at the listed price that day. Say you choose to renew 40 days in advance and Disney raises the price $100 the following day, you’ll be covered for that increase until it comes time to renew. You’ve already made an agreement with Disney to buy your passport for the original price.

To use your example, if you had renewed for SoCal Select AP on October 3rd, you would have paid $289 ($299 list price minus $10 renewal discount). You would have ‘locked-in’ that price, regardless of the fact that your pass didn’t actually expire for 2 more weeks. Unfortunately, now that you’ve waited you’ll have to pay the current price to renew your passport.

You’ll still get the renewal discount of $10, making your price for a SoCal Select AP $319.

We’ve got a whole guide on nothing but Annual Passport renewals. Sorry you’re stuck with a more expensive passport, but hope this helps clear things up.

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