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When Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Open At Disneyland?

When Will 'Star Wars Land' Open At Disneyland

When can I book my Star Wars vacation? That’s the big question on the lips of every Disney fan.

We’ve taken a look at where ‘Star Wars Land’ will be built and what it may look like. In this post, we’ll try to figure out when we’ll finally see the new area debut at Disneyland.

Let’s start with what we do know and move on from there.

Harry Potter Brings Competition To The West Coast

Hogwarts Castle - Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Universal Studios, FL
Hogwarts Castle – Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Universal Studios, FL

There are many reasons why Disney wants to build ‘Star Wars Land’:

  1. Their wish to ‘mine more gold’ from the lucrative Star Wars franchise.
  2. As a way to expand the total area of Disneyland, addressing the overcrowding issue.
  3. It’s a cheaper, short-term alternative to building an entirely new theme park in Anaheim.
  4. To satisfy their recent agreement with the City Of Anaheim to invest $1 billion in exchange for no gate tax at Disneyland.
  5. The need for creative people to build something new.

However, these are all internal motivations and there’s one more big reason this huge area is being pushed into production: competition.

And by competition I specifically mean the Universal Studios chain of theme parks and a little boy named Harry Potter, their deadliest weapon to date.

Since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter first opened in 2010, the growth in visitors to Universal Studios Florida has been double that of Disney World. The trend continued in 2014, allowing Universal to become a first-day park destination and a reason for people to visit Orlando at all.

Now people travel from all over the world not just to visit Disney World, but just to see the Wizarding World.

Wizarding World Coming To California

Disneyland To Universal Studios Hollywood

In December 2011, Universal announced that not only would it be expanding the Potter franchise in both of its Florida theme parks with a Diagon Alley expansion, it would also be building a brand-new Wizarding World at Universal Studios Hollywood.

With new threat to their theme park dominance, now in their own backyard, Disney had no choice but to get serious about their own construction efforts. Increased competition with Universal brings increased benefits for the Disney fan, thus we get ‘Star Wars Land,’ among a whole slew of other expansions.

It Won’t Be Built As Fast As The Original Disneyland

Disneyland in 1954 v. 1955

One thing that’s for certain about ‘Star Wars Land’ is that it won’t be built as fast as the original park.

When Disneyland was built, the first shovel of dirt flew on July 16, 1954 and the world’s first theme park opened to the public exactly one year later. It wasn’t the park we know today and some of the rides didn’t work yet, but it was there for all to enjoy.

This kind of rapid expansion is almost unheard of in America today and unlikely to happen with ‘Star Wars Land’ for a number of reasons.

  1. Immense cost
  2. More building restrictions than in 1955
  3. Greater complexity of attractions and themed areas than in 1955
  4. Higher expectations of modern-day park guests
  5. Large number of simultaneous Disney global construction projects
    1. Pandora: The World Of Avatar (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)
    2. Toy Story Land (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
    3. Extensive refurbishment of Disneyland Paris Resort for its 25th anniversary
    4. ‘New’ Fantasyland (Tokyo Disneyland) and new Arendelle port (Tokyo DisneySea)
    5. Huge new hotel (Explorer’s Lodge) and the Iron Man Experience (Hong Kong Disneyland)
    6. Shanghai Disney Resort (theme park, hotels, lake, infrastructure)

Other Disney ‘Land’ Construction

In order to get an idea of how long these large-scale construction projects take for Disney to carry out today, let’s look at two contemporary lands: Carsland and ‘Avatar Land.’


Carsland At Disney California Adventure
Carsland At Disney California Adventure

One of the newest Lands in the Disney empire, Carsland is similar in many ways to ‘Star Wars Land’ (based on what we know now).

The area is surrounded by a highly themed, breathtaking man-made berm, which we also expect to see around ‘Star Wars Land.’ Carsland also has its own massive E-Ticket attraction, as well as several other smaller rides that complement the feel of the area.

The level of detail on the buildings, paths, props, and furnishings is staggering and make you feel like you’re actually walking into the movie. According to Disney CEO Bob Iger,

We are creating a jaw-dropping new world. We’re bringing Star Wars to life in a big way. …These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet.

Sounds like a similar experience to me and I think we can reasonably expect the build time to be similar.

At around 10 acres, Carsland is a good 4 acres smaller than ‘Star Wars Land’ will be and it took 35 months to build.

Pandora: The World Of Avatar

Pandora: The World Of Avatar outline at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Pandora: The World Of Avatar outline at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Originally announced as ‘Avatar Land’, Pandora: The World of Avatar is also of similar size and scope as ‘Star Wars Land.’

Huge berm-like structures? Check. Immersive environment? Yep. Unheard-of E-Ticket attractions? Three for three, you win the prize!

Also of note is the size of Pandora, right around 14 acres (the same as ‘Star Wars Land’).

Originally, construction was supposed to begin in 2012, with the land opening in 2015. However, this is largely seen as a knee-jerk reaction to announce anything new in the wake of the Wizarding World’s success in 2010/2011.

The real ground-breaking ceremony for Pandora was in January 2014 and, as of the recent D23 Expo, the area is now slated to be complete in early 2017.

Depending on which number you look at, this gives us a construction period of between 38 – 55 months.

Putting It All Together: When Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Open?

So we’ve put together some reasonable numbers for the time to build ‘Star Wars Land.’ It definitely won’t open a year from now and will probably take 35-38 months to complete, beginning January 2016.

We also need to consider the marketing angle to all this.

There are really three major Disney construction projects in America right now (Pandora, ‘Toy Story Land’, and ‘Star Wars Land’) and I’d expect them to extract as much press as they can from each debut.

What does that mean for our timeline?

I don’t expect Disney to unveil more than one of these new lands in a single year, not to mention compete with their international debuts as well. So here’s my prediction of what we’ll see in domestic theme park construction for the next few years:

  • Winter 2016: Construction begins on ‘Star Wars Land’ at Disneyland
  • Fall 2016: Third track for Toy Story Midway Mania opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Spring 2017: Pandora: The World Of Avatar opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Spring 2018: Toy Story Land opens at DHS
  • Spring 2019: ‘Star Wars Land’ opens at Disneyland

I say sometime around March/April 2019, just in time for Spring Break and the busy Summer season, we’ll all journey into ‘a galaxy far, far away.’ This leaves about 38 months for construction, which is certainly an achievable goal for Disney Imagineers based on their record to date.

While it will leave Harry Potter to run amok on the West coast unchallenged for three years, it will also give Disney time to expand its parking and backstage infrastructure to accommodate this and future growth.

Of course, this timeline only covers construction in the United States. Disney is also finishing up the resort in Shanghai, as well as expanding or extensively refurbishing each of its other international resorts in the next few years.


It looks like Disney has already learned from past mistakes by getting a jump on construction this coming January. Only time will tell what happens to the construction schedule for ‘Star Wars Land,’ and the premiere could easily slip by several months (like Shanghai) or years (like Pandora: The World Of Avatar).

However, I think it’s unlikely that Disney managers will tolerate any large delay. Harry Potter is set to open just down the road as early as March 2016 and it seems like Universal is announcing future expansion plans almost daily (Fast and Furious Supercharged, Nintendo ‘World,’ Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York).

Exciting times ahead for theme park fans! Leave me a comment with your thoughts on this ‘Star Wars Land’ timeline. Thanks for reading and we’ll see ya’ real soon!

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What You Need To Know About ‘Star Wars Land’

Current Disneyland Boundary With Projected Star Wars Land Outline

A long time ago in theme park really, really close…

… Disney CEO Bob Iger unveiled a new ‘Star Wars Land’ for Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In this post, I’ll dive into everything we know about this new Disney ‘Land’ here in California, including a few educated guesses on how it might look.

What Is ‘Star Wars Land’?

The characters and storylines from your favorite sci-fi epic are invading Disneyland. A new 14 acre section full of droids, aliens, and adventures is being carved out from a sleepy corner of the park.

‘Star Wars Land’ will be a completely new ‘Land’ at Disneyland, similar to Frontier ‘Land’ or Adventure ‘Land.’

What Rides Will It Have?

According to the latest from Disney, there will be two ‘signature attractions’ in the new land.

One will be ‘an epic Star Wars adventure that puts you in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance.‘ The second will allow you to ‘fly’ the Millennium Falcon on a secret mission.

Without any more details from Disney on exactly what the new rides will look like or how they will function, its hard to form much of a theory.

I will say this – based on the description of the ‘signature attractions’ alone, I think either one could work for a relocated Star Tours. However, the Star Tours debate is a whole other topic and I’m writing a separate article for it. Stay tuned.

What Planet Is It?

'Star Wars Land' Concept Art © Disney
‘Star Wars Land’ Concept Art © Disney

The new ‘Land’ will feel like a remote trading outpost and won’t represent any particular planet we know from Star Wars movies, books, or comics. I think this is a great choice of theme for several reasons.

First, it will be easy to blend the theme of the new ‘Star Wars Land’ land into the existing feel of both Frontierland and Fantasyland from that section of the park.

Also, since the ‘trading outpost’ will be a completely new fictional place, there should be a lot less of the inevitable nit-picking by hard-core Star Wars fans (though this certainly won’t be the case with the Millennium Falcon on display).

Where Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Be Built At Disneyland?

Current Disneyland Boundary With Projected Star Wars Land Outline Zoom
Current Disneyland Boundary With Projected Star Wars Land Outline

The new land will be located at the rear of the park, encompassing Big Thunder Ranch and some areas beyond the berm.

In the image above, I’ve roped off part of the park that fits the area and description of the land provided by Disney. It encompasses 14 acres, overlaying Big Thunder Ranch and a large chunk of the Disneyland backstage. This includes the Pope House and Circle D Ranch.

The horses from the ranch will live off-site, while the Pope House will be relocated elsewhere. In fact, the permits to move it have already been approved.

I have an article taking an in-depth look at everything in the likely site of the new ‘Star Wars Land’. Check it out -‘Where Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Be Built At Disneyland?

What Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Look Like?

'Star Wars Land' Concept Art ©Disney
‘Star Wars Land’ Concept Art ©Disney

Other than concept like the image above, we don’t have a lot to go on when it comes to the design of ‘Star Wars Land.’ However, I’ve given some thought about how the entrance might look.

It will undoubtedly have a sunken entrance that takes you below the Disneyland Railroad, similar to the one for Mickey’s Toontown.

As you approach from the Rivers Of America, I’d expect to see something with a Southwestern/Tatooine feel. You’ll have Big Thunder Mountain on your right and they won’t be able to hide it easily without spoiling the view from both the path and the ride. I’d expect Imagineers to work the feel of the mountain into the entrance theme.

The entrance space should be pretty wide, swallowing up everything from the ‘photo wagon’ by the Rivers of America to the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ. I think this should allow enough space to vary the theme slightly across the width of the entrance to accommodate the shifting themes from the adjoining lands.

When approaching from the Fantasyland side, guests will step almost directly from Pinocchio’s Village into a galaxy far, far away. The current transition between the village and BTR is helped by some large, plain, wooden doors, concealing the backstage areas behind Big Thunder BBQ and breaking up the competing themes.

I’d expect those doors to stay, they grant Cast Members access to the inside of the park and the backstage area of Big Thunder Mountain. However, I would like to see the ‘Fantasyland side’ of the entrance be more whimsical than the other ‘hard-bitten’ Frontierland side, possibly with some characters from the film. Imagine a big BB8 rolling around and checking out the scene?

Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Be It’s Real Name?

Hopefully, Disney Imagineers will come up with a better idea than just tacking ‘Land’ onto the end of a valuable franchise, though you never can tell what they will call things in this modern era.

Welcome To Cars Land Sign In Disney's California Adventure
‘Welcome To Cars Land’ Sign In Disney’s California Adventure

Over in California Adventure, Disney stuck with the “highly imaginative” name ‘Cars Land’ instead of changing it to something more magical like ‘Radiator Springs’ or ‘Route 66.’ Mercifully, they have changed ‘Avatar Land’ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to the nicer and more mysterious ‘Pandora: The World Of Avatar.’

On the flip side,  Disney has also announced a ‘Toy Story Land’ for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which they may stick with or change slightly to ‘Toy Story Playland’ to match the one in Hong Kong.

I’m hoping Disney will be bold and choose a name like ‘Planet/Outpost What-cha-ma-call-it: Galaxy of Star Wars’ and then 10 years from now, when it’s sunk sufficiently into society’s collective consciousness, drop the last part.

How Will You Get To ‘Star Wars Land’ In The Park?

Access paths to 'Star Wars Land' at Disneyland
Access paths to ‘Star Wars Land’ at Disneyland

If it’s one thing Disney is an expert at, it’s traffic control. So this begs the question- how will they accommodate the increased flow of traffic back into this sleepy, hardly used corner of the park?

One of the many innovations Walt Disney made when constructing Disneyland was to give it a single entry/exit point. Instead of parking on one side, exiting on the other side, and having to walk miles around back to your car, all traffic flows in and out from a single point.

If you look at the location of ‘Star Wars Land,’ it’s actually closer to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure than it is to the front gate. That make me wonder:

Will Disneyland build a second entry gate for ‘Star Wars Land’?

I’m going to say no for several reasons:

  1. It’s much easier to control traffic from a single entry point.
  2. It’s tradition.
  3. It also will stamp out the complaining from people who won’t be able to use the gate, like the problem Disney has at the DCA gate from the Grand Californian Hotel.
Two Paths To Star Wars Land At Disneyland
Two Paths To Star Wars Land At Disneyland

So, assuming that you’ll have to reach the ‘Star Wars Land’ from the front of the park, there’s only a couple of ways to do it- left or right around Big Thunder Mountain.

  1. Go through sleeping Beauty Castle, past the line for Peter Pan’s Flight, around the King Arthur Carrousel, and on to ‘Star Wars Land,’ or
  2. Turn left at the hub, through Frontierland, and hook right on the path around Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Either path will take you to ‘Star Wars Land’ and it will be interesting to see which one works out better, especially first thing in the morning.

The Fantasyland route is slightly shorter, but it bottlenecks through the castle and area just beyond. There will also be fleets of strollers to contend with going this way.

The Frontierland path, while a bit longer, has a wider path and is far quieter when the park first opens (at least right now). I’m betting it will be overall quicker and more sane to take this route to ‘Star Wars Land’ than to rush through Fantasyland.

There is, of course, a third option, which would involve construction of a new path behind Fantasy Faire in still more backstage area.

Alternate Path To Star Wars Land Through Fantasy Faire Backstage Disneyland
Alternate Path To Star Wars Land Through Fantasy Faire Backstage Disneyland

A new route through Fantasy Faire would only be slightly shorter than the one through Fantasyland, and would also limit Cast Members backstage access, so I find it unlikely that such a route will be built.

When Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Open At Disneyland?

At the most recent D23 Expo, it was announced that construction on the new land wouldn’t begin until 2017. In reality, construction has already been announced to begin on January 11, 2016.

This is another massive topic for discussion, so check out my post When Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Open at Disneyland for more information.

How Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Compare To The Rest Of Disneyland?

Nine 'Lands' Of Disneyland Including 'Star Wars Land'
Nine ‘Lands’ Of Disneyland Including ‘Star Wars Land’

According to Bob Iger, the new land will fill up about 14 acres. While I’m sure at least part of the area will be new backstage area (off-limits to guests), I thought it would be interesting to compare that number with the rest of the Disney ‘Lands’ to get a mental picture of just how large the new land will be.

Original Disney ‘Lands’

When Disneyland was first built, there were five original ‘lands.’ All of these areas have grown in one way or another in 1955, leaving us with the existing boundaries we know today.

In this table, you’ll find the current size of the original ‘Disney lands.’ These numbers are based on what I call ‘guest areas,’ or the section of the park that we can all enjoy and not including backstage or support areas.

LandCurrent Size (acres)
Main Street, USA6.3

As you can see, ‘Star Wars Land’ will be around the size of Frontierland, Fantasyland, or Tomorrowland. It’s hard to picture the size it just with these areas as a reference though.

The size of Frontierland includes much of the Rivers of America, most of which you can’t see from any one place. The main section of Fantasyland behind the castle is easy to imagine, but then it hooks around the Matterhorn and all the way back to It’s A Small World and the Fantasyland Theater.

Tomorrowland can feel massive, but like its western brother across the hub, you can’t see half of it with Autopia winding out into the trees beyond.

The concept art we have of ‘Star Wars Land’ shows a more open layout. If so, I’m sure it will feel huge and otherworldly, no doubt what Imagineers have in mind.

Added Disney ‘Lands’

LandCurrent Size (acres)
New Orleans Square6.4
Critter Country3.7
Mickey’s Toontown3

The size of later ‘Land’ additions to Disneyland hardly compares to the first ones. ‘Star Wars Land’ will be roughly twice the size of New Orleans Square. This is good news to me, because NOS feels massive when you’re in it.

A lot of the reason behind this is through the use of forced perspective in the streets and back alleys of NOS. I’m sure Disney Imagineers will utilize this concept with ‘Star Wars Land’ to its utmost potential.


What we don’t know about the new ‘Star Wars Land’ far outweighs what we do.

  1. Location: Back, left corner of Disneyland
  2. Size: Approximately 14 acres
  3. Rides: At least two
  4. Construction Timeline:
    1. Demolition: Begins 1/11/16
    2. Completion: Who knows?

Disney has so much construction going on around the world that it feels like the first half of Michael Eisner’s reign as CEO, when theme parks and resorts were popping up like daisies and there wasn’t anything that couldn’t be accomplished.

I’m going to keep a close eye on this new ‘Star Wars Land’ and write more as new details are revealed. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-the-minute news about this and all of information on everything in the Disney universe.

Are you as pumped as I am about ‘Star Wars Land’? What excites you the most? Leave me a comment below. As always, thanks for reading and we’ll see ya’ real soon!

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Where Will ‘Star Wars Land’ Be Built At Disneyland?

Backstage Areas Being Removed For Star Wars Land?

Backstage Areas Being Removed For Star Wars Land?
Backstage Areas Being Removed For Star Wars Land?

The world of Star Wars is heading to Disneyland, starting next year.

Let’s take a look at it’s likely location and what will need to go in order for us to visit a galaxy far, far away.

What Will Be Removed For ‘Star Wars Land’?

Disney has already announced the removal or relocation of several developed areas. The following locations will definitely be going:

Big Thunder Ranch

Big Thunder Ranch Will Be Demolished For Star Wars Land In Disneyland
Big Thunder Ranch Will Be Demolished For Star Wars Land In Disneyland

Big Thunder Ranch will be demolished to serve as the gateway to the new ‘Star Wars Land’ beyond the berm. It will have a similar function to the area between It’s A Small World and the Fantasyland Theater- a sunken pathway below the Disneyland Railroad.

It will be interesting to see if Imagineers leave the trees along the berm in place, blocking the view from behind Big Thunder Mountain into the new area. I think they’ll leave them or erect some other natural looking barrier, to avoid a conflict in theme with the nearby Frontierland and Fantasyland areas.

The goats, donkeys, and other animals from the petting zoo will be relocated to new homes, outside of Disneyland.

Owen Pope House

Owen Pope House Backstage Inside Star Wars Land
Owen Pope House Backstage Inside Star Wars Land

We also know that the Pope House will be relocated backstage. In fact, the building permits have already been filed and approved.

Owen Pope House Will Move To Team Disney Anaheim Parking Lot
Owen Pope House Will Move To Team Disney Anaheim Parking Lot

The only structure remaining from before Disneyland’s construction, the house will move to a new foundation in the Team Disney Anaheim (TDA) building guest parking lot and supposedly serve as a Cast Member conference room.

Team Disney Anaheim Parking Lot Next To TDA Building
Team Disney Anaheim Parking Lot Next To TDA Building

I think the most likely place for the house will be on the East side of the lot, next to TDA auditorium.

Circle D Ranch

Circle D Ranch Backstage Inside Star Wars Land
Circle D Ranch Backstage Inside Star Wars Land

One of the more unfortunate backstage removals will be the Circle D Ranch. Home to all of the real animals at the Disneyland Resort, including the horses that pull the Main Street Trolleys, Disney has announced that the ranch will be moved off-site. It looks like they’ll move the horses by truck each day to their new home.

I’m curious to know where they’ll move the secretive ‘Disney cat’ feeding stations, which are rumored to also be in the area.

What Else Will Be Removed Backstage For ‘Star Wars Land?’

Other than the well known areas we’ve already discussed, a large number of Disneyland backstage facilities will also need to be demolished, their services relocated elsewhere.

If our guess on the projected area of ‘Star Wars Land’ is correct, this will include the following:

Disneyland Environmental Services

Environmental Services Backstage Inside Star Wars Land
Environmental Services Backstage Inside Star Wars Land

Once you cross over the berm, the first facility you come to is the Disney dump. This facility must either be removed or avoided. It would be possible to build the guest area on the East side of this site, but the smell alone would be hard to mask and I imagine they’ll just move it elsewhere.

Transportation Service Garage

Transportation Service Garage Backstage Disneyland Inside Star Wars Land
Transportation Service Garage Backstage Disneyland Inside Star Wars Land

The maintenance area and coordination facility for the Disneyland Resort shuttles will have to move. In this picture, you can see an extra tram parked outside, as well as what looks to be some Autopia cars in the parking lot.

Just across the street to the South is the maintenance building for the resort attraction vehicles. I wonder if they’ll combine these two functions in one location. Spare parking lot trams could be parked outside the perimeter fence in one of the parking lots.

Operations & Maintenance Costuming

Maintenance Costuming Building Backstage Inside Star Wars Land
Maintenance Costuming Building Backstage Inside Star Wars Land

Next door to the garage and backstage Cast Member entry gate, this building provides uniforms for Disneyland Resort transportation, security, horticulture, and custodial staff.

Horticultural Services

Disneyland Horticultural Services Backstage Inside Star Wars Land
Disneyland Horticultural Services Backstage Inside Star Wars Land

This building houses the equipment and personnel responsible for plants across the resort, primarily consisting of replacing dead and damaged plants. You can see rows of seedlings and planting materials surrounding the building.

Parade Storage Building

Parade Storage Building Backstage Inside Star Wars Land
Parade Storage Building Backstage Inside Star Wars Land

The information I have says this is a parade storage building for Disneyland. Look closely, there seems be at part of a float on the right side of the building.

Route From Parade Storage Building To North Staging Area
Route From Parade Storage Building To North Staging Area

It still makes sense to have the storage building in this area of the park, so that floats can be pre-positioned at the beginning of the Disneyland parade route near It’s A Small World. However, if the building is going to be in the way of the new ‘Star Wars Land,’ I see a couple of relocation options.

Option 1: Move the parade storage into the adjacent Entertainment Building. It’s already being used for performer rehearsals, so why not share the space? Perhaps the building could be remodeled to house the floats on the ground level, with training and warm-up rooms above?

Parade & Entertainment Buildings Backstage Disneyland
Parade & Entertainment Buildings Backstage Disneyland

Option 2: Move the storage building behind Space Mountain. The parade goes backstage in two locations, so demolish the two existing buildings behind Main Street, USA and store the floats next to the South end of the parade route.

Possible Southern Location For Parade Storage Building Disneyland
Possible Southern Location For Parade Storage Building Disneyland

Magic Music Days Building

Magic Music Days Building Backstage Inside Star Wars Land
Magic Music Days Building Backstage Inside Star Wars Land

This building houses rehearsal facilities for the Disneyland ‘Magic Music Days’ performing arts programs.

What Won’t Be Removed For ‘Star Wars Land?’

With all the buildings that need to give way to progress, there are a few spots I don’t expect Disney to touch.

Fantasmic Dry Dock

Fantasmic Dry Dock Next To Star Wars Land
Fantasmic Dry Dock Next To Star Wars Land

The launch facility for the Fantasmic floats sits next to Big Thunder Ranch on the Rivers of America. It’s also the starting point for the Disneyland ‘dark water system.’ I expect the ‘Star Wars Land’ entrance won’t touch this area.

Indian Village

Indian Village Along The Rivers Of America In Disneyland
Indian Village Along The Rivers Of America In Disneyland

The friendly Indian Village has sat on the banks of the Rivers of America since 1955. Not only will this stick around, I expect the surrounding trees to stay intact as well, to separate this Frontierland spectacle from a different galaxy not so far behind it.

Fantasyland Theater Backstage

Fantasyland Theater Backstage Area Next To Star Wars Land
Fantasyland Theater Backstage Area Next To Star Wars Land

Behind Big Thunder Ranch, but still inside the berm, is a backstage area that suits a number of purposes.

  1. It provides backstage access through the berm into the interior of the park.
  2. It serves as an access conduit to the backstage area behind the building housing Snow White’s Scary Adventures.
  3. It services the Fantasyland Theater.
  4. It houses the garage and repair facilities for the Casey Jr. Circus Trains.

The new entrance to ‘Star Wars Land’ may slice off a portion of this area, but it should stay basically intact.


Things will be shaken up for a while as construction of ‘Star Wars Land’ begins in earnest in January 2016. After the first year, when the Disneyland Railroad and Rivers of America are restored to us, I’ll bet guests will hardly know anything is happening.

We’ll walk by construction walls for years and, behind the berm, Disneyland backstage buildings will be shuffled around and combined. Then, one day years from now, the walls will come down and we’ll all be transported to a strange new world that sprang up like magic.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

That’s all for now. Leave me a comment. I’d to hear your thoughts on my thoughts about the new ‘Star Wars Land.’

Make sure to check out my other article this new land, which expands on everything we know thus far. When will ‘Star Wars Land’ open at Disneyland? I’ve got an article about that too.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see ya’ real soon!

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