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Fried Chicken | Plaza Inn, Disneyland

Fried Chicken at the Plaza Inn, Disneyland.
Fried Chicken at the Plaza Inn, Disneyland.

Who doesn’t like fried chicken?

Today, we’re going to take a look at the best fried chicken ever, found only at the Plaza Inn at Disneyland.

Food Facts

  • Dish: Fried Chicken
  • Location: Plaza Inn, Main Street USA,  Disneyland, California
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Cuisine: American
  • Seasonality: Year-round
  • Ease of Eating: Sit-down, Knife-and-Fork
  • Allergy Considerations: None
  • Jamie’s Opinion: Really delicious/Very-satisfying
  • Mom-in-Chief Scale: 4.0 out of 5
  • Envaluator Scale: 4.7 out of 5

What’s It Taste Like?

Plaza Inn fried chicken and chocolate cake at the Plaza Inn, Disneyland.
Plaza Inn fried chicken and chocolate cake at the Plaza Inn, Disneyland.

With the Plaza Inn Fried Chicken, you get three generous pieces of chicken, along with mashed potatoes, green beans, and a buttermilk biscuit. As far as my husband is concerned, it’s the best meal on planet Earth.

The crispy chicken skin holds the juices in the meat and each bite vibrates with jolts of chicken flavor. It’s very savory and crunchy and you can really taste the seasonings each batch was prepared with. While deep-fried, the chicken doesn’t taste like fat, which is a big issue for me because there’s nothing I hate more than greasy chicken.

The Plaza Inn Fried Chicken comes with the perfect sides. The mashed potatoes are rich and slightly lumpy, giving them a more homemade feel. They come served with an amazing chicken gravy that accentuates the herb taste of the chicken skin.

As far as the green beans go, they’re good but they’re still green beans. They come simply sauteed with some white onion. However, the biscuit is not to be missed. Each puffy, flaky layer has a sweet buttermilk taste and the biscuit is perfect with a little honey or as a sponge for the gravy.

Plaza Inn Fried Chicken v. Knott’s Berry Farm Fried Chicken

Plaza Inn Fried Chicken v. Knott's Berry Farm Fried Chicken
Plaza Inn Fried Chicken v. Knott’s Berry Farm Fried Chicken

I recently took a trip to Disneyland with my best friend Jackie and we had the fried chicken dinner. Jackie is a Plaza Inn newbie, who happens to be very partial to the chicken at Knott’s Berry Farm, so we decided to compare the two and see which was better.

While I like the chicken at Knott’s, nothing beats the Plaza Inn for flavor and taste. Also, the skin tastes better at Disneyland. At first Jackie wouldn’t give up, saying, “I’m partial to Knott’s.” However, in the end she finally did admit that the Plaza Inn had very, very, very good fried chicken, which I suppose is the best I’ll get.

The sides are better at Disneyland as well, with the mashed potatoes less artificial and the green beans less bland than their counterparts at Knott’s. The real difference for Jackie lay in the biscuits, her favorite part of the meal.

At the Plaza Inn, each chicken plate comes with a fluffy buttermilk biscuit, just like Grandma used to make. At Knott’s Berry Farm, the meal is served with little cube-shaped bread rolls. I don’t see any comparison, but Jackie doesn’t find the Plaza Inn biscuits even compare to Knott’s biscuits. What do you think?

Is It Easy To Eat?

The Plaza Inn Fried Chicken is really easy for everyone to eat, provided you’re sitting down. The skin easily peels away, revealing most chunks of chicken that can be eaten by hand or with a knife-and-fork. In fact, just about this whole meal could be finger food, except perhaps the potatoes (which my husband picks up with his hands anyway).

Mom-in-Chief Jamie’s Opinion

Fried chicken leftovers at the Plaza Inn.
Fried chicken leftovers at the Plaza Inn.

The Plaza Inn Fried Chicken is a great meal for the entire family and super easy to eat, but you’ll want to sit down to enjoy it. I peel the skin off the chicken (stealing it from my husband) and break the breast meat into chunks which I give straight to my son, Jack.

The only ‘downside’ with the chicken is its moisture, which will sink right into your kid’s shirt, so make sure to break out a bib if you have one.

The buttermilk biscuit is easy to break up and feed to your little hungry ones as well, only without as much mess. If Jack is up to it, I’ll feed him the mashed potatoes with a spoon- a good idea if your child doesn’t have many teeth yet.

If they’re already practiced ‘chewers,’ you can try letting them nibble on a green bean, but in my experience it’ll just end up on the floor.If your kid is old enough to want their own chicken plate, remember that you’ll only get a drumstick or a thigh, so don’t order it if you’re kid doesn’t like dark meat.

Chief Envaluator Alex’s Opinion

You can get a take-out container for your fried chicken at the Plaza Inn.
You can get a take-out container for your fried chicken at the Plaza Inn.

When eating the fried chicken at the Plaza Inn, I get the happy memory of simpler times, sitting in my Grandma’s kitchen. I think that is the perfect complement to the gentile, Victorian setting of Main Street, USA and the Inn in particular.

While the Plaza Inn Fried Chicken is my favorite meal at Disneyland, at $15.99 it costs a bit too. That’s $2 more than the Lobster Roll at the Harbour Galley and $5 more than the Pioneer Chili Cheeseburger at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. But what those dishes lack, and the Plaza Inn provides, is over-generous portion size.

All of the servings at the Plaza Inn are huge. For the fried chicken plate, I’d recommend at least two hungry people per plate, otherwise you’ll have a bunch of leftovers. And I do mean hungry, not one hungry person and another that’s going to eat a drumstick and leave the rest. We ordered three plates on our last trip for five adults and were left with almost an entire plate of chicken at the end.

If you split the cost of the fried chicken plate over two people it comes about eight bucks, which is a great price anywhere for such a meal. And if you do have leftovers, the folks at the Plaza Inn will gladly proved you with take-out boxes. There are big, full size plate ones and small clam-shell style boxes. Just ask a busser for one.


The Plaza Inn Fried Chicken is the best meal ever. Period (says my husband). Whether you agree or not, it’s sure to fill up you entire family in a relatively mess free way.

What do you think about the chicken at the Plaza Inn? Let me know what you think in the comments below and sign up for our free weekly newsletter so you won’t miss future Food Friday posts (or any of our other great content). See ya’ real soon!

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