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Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake | Plaza Inn, Disneyland

The Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake from the Plaza Inn at Disneyland is the perfect dessert.
The Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake from the Plaza Inn at Disneyland is the perfect dessert.

Searching for a way to satisfy your inner chocoholic? Look no further, because we have found the multi-layered Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake at the Plaza Inn! Laid out for your viewing pleasure as you peruse the salad bar, or while standing in the checkout line, a slice of this decadent six layer cake will surely catch your eye.

Food Facts

  • Dish: Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake
  • Location: Plaza Inn, Disneyland, California
  • Price:  $5.19 USD
  • Cuisine: Dessert
  • Seasonality: Year-round
  • Ease of Eating: Sit-down/Knife-and-Fork
  • Allergy Considerations: Probably milk and eggs
  • Jamie’s Opinion: Delicious fudge icing, moist cake, yummy crunch base
  • Mom-in-Chief Scale: 3.5 out of 5
  • Envaluator Scale: 4 out of 5

What’s It Taste Like?

It tastes like…chocolate. A whole six layers of chocolate!

Starting from top to bottom: a thick, rich, fudge-like icing covers the top (which I would happily peel off and eat all by itself), followed by a layer of milk chocolate mousse, which is also tasty. Then a layer of moist, dark chocolate cake. Yum!

Next is a layer which tasted like a cappuccino mousse. This was not my favorite on its own, but combined with the other layers of chocolate adds a nice complexity to the taste. Then there is another layer of chocolate cake, followed by the milk chocolate mousse.

The bottom layer is a dark chocolate cake that has a puffed rice crunch to it. It’s very tasty and pleasant to munch on.

The outside bottom half of the icing is coated in dark chocolate shavings and the top of the slice is decorated with a candied cherry. Not a maraschino cherry, but the kind you find in fruit cake, which is the only thing about this dessert that I didn’t like.

Is It Easy To Eat?

This is a desert that requires a fork or spoon to eat. No knife is needed though. The cake is easy to spoon through, bite by bite. It’s served on one of the Plaza Inn plates, so it’s definitely not ‘on-the-go’ food.

Mom-in-Chief Jamie’s Opinion

The Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake from the Plaza Inn has six layers, ranging from chocolate cake, to chocolate and cappuccino mousse.
The Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake from the Plaza Inn has six layers, ranging from chocolate cake, to chocolate and cappuccino mousse.

As this is a utensil-required dish, you could try offering your little chocolate lover some on the end of a spoon. If you’re going for that cute picture with cake all over your kid’s face, this would be an ideal dish!

The Sweet Dreams cake will probably have more appeal for mom and dad than for the little ones. I side with the dark chocolate lovers of the world, so this cake is right up my alley. I haven’t met too many kids who favor the bitter sweetness of dark chocolate over the creamy sugariness of milk chocolate, but this will depend on your child’s taste.

If you can keep your child from getting their hands in it, this is a relatively mess free treat. It’s too crumbly to pick up with your fingers, so I would feed it to them on a fork or spoon, or if they have mastered using their own utensils put a bit aside for them to attack.

Chief Envaluator Alex’s Opinion

As with the Mickey Mouse Chocolate Cake Pop, I’ll state for the record that I’m not a chocolate lover. However, I do like to find a bargain when I feed my family, and the Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake helps me do just that. Each slice of cake is a generous portion, enough to satisfy several adults, especially after they’ve gorged themselves on the Plaza Inn Fried Chicken.

As far as theme goes, while you might think chocolate cake is a fairly simple dessert for Disney to add to the menu, there is a degree of cultural significance to the selection.

You may remember that Main Street, USA in general and the Plaza Inn in particular are themed to 1901, or the very end of the Victorian Era. It just so happens that the layer cake was, if not invented during that time, certainly emerging into worldwide prominence. Queen Victoria herself enjoyed layer cakes and had several named after her.

So Disney Imagineers and chefs may have added another layer of magical theming (pun intended) to the Plaza Inn and that makes me happy, even if I don’t care for the cake itself.


The Sweet Dreams Chocolate Cake is a tasty, dark chocolate delight. The different mousse layers along with the crunchy rice base keep it from being too overwhelmingly rich, and the fudge icing wraps it up with just the right amount of sweetness. A delicious finish to a magical meal at the Plaza Inn!

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