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Zesty Slaw | Hungry Bear Restaurant, Disneyland

The Zesty Slaw from Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland
The Zesty Slaw from Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland.

Sometimes, even at Disneyland, you have to search for a side dish that’s not deep-fried. Something more interesting than a plain old side salad would be good and the Zesty Slaw at the Hungry Bear Restaurant is the best!

Food Facts

  • Dish: Zesty Slaw
  • Location: Hungry Bear Restaurant, Critter Country, Disneyland, California
  • Price: Free (Comes with purchase of a meal)
  • Cuisine: American/Southern, Side dish
  • Seasonality: Year-round
  • Ease of Eating: Knife-and-Fork, Easy, Totally mobile
  • Allergy Considerations: None
  • Jamie’s Opinion: Crunchy, refreshing, and delicious
  • Mom-in-Chief Scale: 3.2 out of 5
  • Envaluator Scale: 5 out of 5

What’s It Taste Like?

Served as a side dish, the Zesty Slaw from the Hungry Bear Restaurant is great with any meal.
Served as a side dish, the Zesty Slaw from the Hungry Bear Restaurant is great with any meal.

The flavors of this coleslaw are delicately balanced between the fresh vegetables and citrus vinaigrette dressing. It has cabbage, jicama, red bell peppers, onions, and mango. All are thinly sliced or diced and create a great, crunchy mouthful.

Normally, I would avoid a coleslaw that has a vinaigrette dressing or one that has fruit in it. Too many times this is just a disappointing combo that ends up leaving a too sweet or too sour taste in my mouth.

The Zesty Slaw has it just right though. This is really one of the best sides in the park and I’d even say in the whole Disneyland Resort.

Easy to Eat?

Unless you are seeking greasy hand moisturizer, I would stick with a fork to eat the Zesty Slaw.

It comes in a handy little plastic container with a lid, so you could take it to go. If you weren’t juggling anything else, and needed to rush off somewhere, I suppose walking and eating could work but I wouldn’t recommend it. Disneyland Park is an obstacle course of small children and strollers, so walking while maneuvering a fork into your mouth could get dangerous.

Mom-in-Chief Jamie’s Opinion

Mom-in-Chief Jamie enjoying the Hungry Bear Zesty Slaw at Disneyland
Mom-in-Chief Jamie enjoying the Hungry Bear Zesty Slaw at Disneyland

I love this coleslaw. If you’ve read up to this point that’s really not a surprise, but I had to say it again. This was a pregnancy favorite for me, and has carried through so that when it’s my turn to choose where we will eat, my vote is for the Hungry Bear.

My son, Jack isn’t as keen. He is also a toddler though and vegetables are not his food of choice. Jack will occasionally munch on a piece of mango though and the way it comes in the slaw makes it easy to hand him chunks to eat (a.k.a. play with and smush on the table). A full fork full is just too much for him at this point.

The dressing is not too strong flavored, so I usually don’t have to remove it before giving it to my son, but this may be an option for your “bland fans,” depending on their age.

Chief Envaluator Alex’s Opinion

Like most sides or the Chocolate Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake, you can’t beat free at Disneyland and the slaw is definitely a step up from plain potato chips.

It’s a great compliment to all the sandwiches served at the Hungry Bear, including my favorite, the Pioneer Chili Cheeseburger. The slaw is also part of the dressing for the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich, add a tangy touch to a true American original.

Coleslaw itself is not original to America, but like so many of our traditions was brought to our shores by colonists from Europe. And like all things foreign, we out a new twist on the dish and made it our own.

Now coleslaw brings memories of cookouts, camping trips, and general outdoor ruggedness, which make the Zesty Slaw the perfect side dish for Critter Country in general and the Hungry Bear Restaurant in particular. I think I’ll always order the slaw over plain old potato chips.


Skip the deep-fried side on this occasion and go for the refreshingly delicious Zesty Slaw at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. Complimentary with any sandwich they serve, it’s an excellent change from another side of fries!

Have you tried the Zesty Slaw at the Hungry Bear Restaurant? Let me know what you think in the comments below and sign up for our free weekly newsletter so you won’t miss future Food Friday posts (or any of our other great content). See ya’ real soon!

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