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Disney’s Ideal Customers: The Mythical Wealthy Family Of Four

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Be on the lookout for Disney’s Ideal Guests!

  • Alias: The Family, A Family, Your Family
  • Usual Number of Members: Four
  • Ages: 1-99
  • Location: All over the world

Recognize The “Mythical Wealthy Family of Four” by these characteristics:

  • Loves all things Disney
  • Visits a Disney resort at least every few years
  • Stays at premium Disney hotels (i.e. Disneyland Hotel or Disney Grand California)
  • Visits Disney theme parks for at least three days per trip
  • Eats at Disney restaurants and shop for Disney merchandise in Disney stores

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Boosts company profits!
Disney’s perfect customer spends a big chunk of change on vacation

Report all family sightings to:
  • Jack Lindquist, Mayor
  • City Hall
  • 101 Town Square
  • Disneyland, California 92802

By Alex Blasingame

I'm a professional pilot and entrepreneur. I love Disney, TaleSpin, Eeyore, maps, details, etc.

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