Under the Sea Spa

Every Mom deserves a spa day, but very few Mom’s have got spa-like bathroom’s to retreat to when they want to relax. Our next item on the agenda today is to turn the bathroom into an ‘under the sea’ spa for Queen Mom. We want to create a magical space where it feels like the mermaids are swimming and where she can relax and unwind for a while. 

Get Some Thing-a-ma-bobs

Hitting the Dollar Tree during their Spring decoration sale will find you some great sea side decor or search on Amazon in their party section and you will find some fantastic ocean finds like this:

Relax And Forget ‘Where The People Are’

Enhance the mood with a salty playlist that we’ve put together for the occasion: Music – iTunes affiliate/Spotify playlist, and set the scene with lovely scented candles La roskey Scented Candles Gift Set – Vanilla, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Lotus and Apple, and Aromatherapy, Candles  Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla, Lemongrass These can double as a nice gift for Mom for Mother’s Day too!

And definitely do not forget the most fun part of it all – the bubbly stuff! 

These bath bombs by Life Around 2 Angels are so fun to look at whole, I can only imagine how great they will be to watch bubble and churn in the tub while they fizzle apart! And this milk bath by Village Naturals looks so luxurious, I can’t wait to try it out. For the lavender lovers out there, check out this Deep Steep Lavender/Chamomile Bubble Bath.

That’s it for your spa prep, so get out of the way and let Queen Mom take a relaxing dip! We’ve still got more adventures to prep for.

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