Mom’s Royal Entertainment

After her relaxing spa time, Queen Mom can surface back into castle life refreshed and renewed. While she was bathing, King Dad and the Fairy Godmother children can have prepare the entertainment.

Perhaps they queued up her favorite Disney movie or maybe the newest Marvel movie streaming off of Redbox or VUDU.

Another idea would be to play a Disney themed board game like Sorry! Game: Disney Moana Edition or Disney Surprise Slides,  a favorite at our house. If you prefer trivia games, there’s Pictopia-Family Trivia Game: Disney Edition or getting super hardcore you could get into: Disney Parks Exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship Game. So cool!!!

There’s also Disney themed card games that you could play too like World of Disney: ‘Eye’ Found It Card Game and Mattel Games Disney Frozen UNO Card Game

Even more family fun? How about a dance party? Here’s a playlist to keep your fists pumpin’ and your feet jumpin’! 

More Steps for ‘Disney’ Queen Day at Home

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