Disney Holidays

A Queens Breakfast

Our day starts with a delicious, gourmet breakfast, not unlike what you might find at a restaurant at a Disney hotel on vacation. And what else does Mom love about being on vacation? Not having to cook or do the dishes!

Would Anyone Care For Mickey Waffles?

While waffles or pancakes are always a treat, Mickey shaped waffles and pancakes…now we’re talking! For waffle-minded minions, start by picking up a Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker and whip up some waffle batter with this simple recipe.

Or, to really Queen Mom eating out of your hands, follow our tutorial on how to make your own Mickey shaped pancakes with this simple but super-yummy pancake batter recipe:…(See Pancake recipe post) to have Queen Mom eating out of your hands!!

What we like most about this pancake recipe is that we like to eat these pancakes right off the plate without adding any syrup, we find that they are sweet enough just as they are! We didn’t get the chance to do it in the tutorial but you can decorate your Mickey pancakes with eyes and smiles by adding chocolate chips, strawberry slices, blueberries or cherries… or this Queen Mom’s- favorite, whipped cream!

Cupcakes Are Breakfast Food, Right?

Sweeten the meal some with Minnie Mouse themed cupcakes. Pick up a box of vanilla cake mix and some miniature chocolate chips (We got Betty Crocker Delight’s Super Moist French Vanilla Cake Mix and Walmart’s Great Value Brand Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips).

King Dad mixed it together with our kids and poured it into a mini cupcake pan like this non-stick mini muffin and cupcake pan lined with these awesomely cute mini cupcake liners.

Voila! Polka dot mini “Minnie” cupcakes, in adorable little “skirts”!

What are Mom’s favorite foods?

Keep Mom’s favorite foods in mind while you’re creating the perfect buffet. What would she like to have? Bacon? Eggs? Incorporate those into the feast.

Something To Drink?

Oh! Don’t forget to have Queen Mom’s favorite caffeinated beverage on hand as well.

I know I love waking up to a hot cup of coffee with cream ready for me when I come downstairs! You can also treat your lady to a sparkling beverage of some kind. Mimosas are a fan favorite if you’re allowed to have a lazy day. Mix some sparkling wine with orange or pineapple juice, top it off with some whipped cream, and Mom can have an adult ‘dole whip!’ 

If non-alcoholic beverages are preferred, then mix soda water with fruit juice to have the same bubbly flavor fun.

Feel like dipping your toe into the evil queen’s side of the pond? Try this concoction on for size:

  1. Mix 2 cups of soda water with 4Tb of apple cider vinegar for a tart but refreshing drink.
  2. Add a touch of honey to sweeten the brew. Feels a bit like drinking a poisoned apple!

Remember the most important thing about today: No chores or cleaning up for Mom, so steer her away from that sink when breakfast is done!

We have plenty more planned to keep her busy!

More Steps for ‘Disney’ Queen Day at Home

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