‘Disney’ Queen for Any Day at Home

Welcome to your “how to guide” on planning the most magical Disney day in celebration of Moms everywhere! At Mouse Monthly, we feel that Moms deserve to feel special any time of the year, not just on one certain day, so we made this our Disney Queen for any day, so you can cheer Mom whenever she deserves some celebrating!

Perfect Ground Rules For A Perfect Mom

No chores or cleaning up for Mom!

Remember the most important things about today: No chores or cleaning up for Mom, so keep those dishes away from her!

This might mean pulling out the party supplies or whipping out those “turkey themed” paper plates that you sitting around from the holidays. Add disposable plates, cups, and cutlery to your shopping list if you want to keep things simple today.

Mom’s ‘Disney’ Queen Checklist

1. A Queen’s Breakfast

Mom’s day should start with a delicious, homemade breakfast. A special brunch at her favorite restaurant is one thing, but Mickey-shaped waffles and pancakes made by her own family- now we’re talking!

2. ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique’ for Queen Mom

The next Queenly activity we have planned for your Highness requires a little bit of role reversal, where Mom gets to be pampered like a little Disney princess and the rest of the family gets to help in the fun!

3. Under the Sea Spa

Every Mom deserves a spa day, but few have spa-like bathrooms to retreat when they want to relax. Our next item on the agenda is to turn the bathroom into an ‘Under the Sea’ spa. Work as a family to create a magical space where the mermaids are swimming and where Queen Mom can relax and unwind. 

4. Mom’s Royal Entertainment

After her relaxing time in her private spa, Queen Mom will ‘surface’ into castle life refreshed and renewed. While she was bathing King Dad, and the Fairy Godmother children will prepare her favorite Disney games and entertainment.

5. Sleeping Beauty Nap

Every Queen needs her beauty rest, so make sure that your lovely lady gets a chance to nap on her special day. While Mom is napping, take the opportunity to put up some special decorations to celebrate her as a surprise for when she wakes.

That’s all for now. Start with the steps as laid out above, but don’t be afraid to improvise! Queen Mom will love all of the thought you put into planning her special day, so get out there and have some fun. See ya’ real soon!

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