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What You Need To Know About Disneyland’s Annual Passport Updates

RIP Disneyland Premium Annual Passport

Once again, Disneyland has shaken up their annual passport offerings. We’ll talk about what’s new, what’s out, and how this all affects you.

RIP Premium Annual Passport

The rumors are true –

Disney has officially cancelled the Premium Annual Passport.

The first and oldest AP, Premium will no longer be available for either purchase or renewal, replaced by several other AP options.

If you currently have a Premium AP, you’ll still be able to exercise the privileges of that pass until it expires. At that point, you’ll need to renew at a different passport level. Keep on reading!

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5 Steps of Disney’s (Not So) Secret Strategy To Axe Passholders

The Southern California annual passport is no longer sold at Disneyland, but if you're careful, you can still renew it.

Is the Disney Annual Passport under attack?

The days of deciding to throw up a theme park one day and start construction the next are over at the Walt Disney Company. Like me, they are logical and methodical, with their decisions reasoned out and planned weeks, months, and decades in advance.

So let me share with you their ‘secret’ formula to thin out the Disney AP population, including those Southern California Annual Passholders they no longer need or want. I’ve also included a bonus 6th step from October 2015 that will affect all park guests, but especially those with Premium passes. Keep on reading!

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5 Reasons Disneyland Doesn’t Want More Annual Passholders

Long lines clog the entrance to Disneyland.

Disney has a plan to pare down the number of Annual Passholders (AP’s) at the Disneyland Resort. We know this. One question that remains is why?

The answer has less to do with AP’s themselves and more to do with who the preferred target customer of the Walt Disney Company is. Keep on reading!

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How Much Did Disneyland Cost When It Opened Compared With Today?

Disneyland 'A' Ticket

Ever wonder what it would be like to visit Disneyland back in 1955? To stroll the barely solidified pavement and see the park in its infancy?

Maybe you’d bump into Uncle Walt having lunch at the Chicken Plantation Restaurant before checking out the Indian Village? How about forking over a C-ticket to ride the Jungle Cruise?

Today, we’re used to the modern all-day, all-attraction type of Disneyland. As a die-hard Disney fan, I know all about the famous A-E ticket system that used to rule the park, but it was phased-out before I was even born.
Keep on reading!

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Disney’s Ideal Customers: The Mythical Wealthy Family Of Four

Wanted poster top cut

Mouse Monthly - Mythical Wealthy Family of Four distressed


Be on the lookout for Disney’s Ideal Guests!

  • Alias: The Family, A Family, Your Family
  • Usual Number of Members: Four
  • Ages: 1-99
  • Location: All over the world

Recognize The “Mythical Wealthy Family of Four” by these characteristics:

  • Loves all things Disney
  • Visits a Disney resort at least every few years
  • Stays at premium Disney hotels (i.e. Disneyland Hotel or Disney Grand California)
  • Visits Disney theme parks for at least three days per trip
  • Eats at Disney restaurants and shop for Disney merchandise in Disney stores

dollar sign

Boosts company profits!
Disney’s perfect customer spends a big chunk of change on vacation

Report all family sightings to:
  • Jack Lindquist, Mayor
  • City Hall
  • 101 Town Square
  • Disneyland, California 92802