About Mouse Monthly

About Mouse Monthly

About Mouse Monthly

Mouse Monthly is the brainchild of Jamie and Alex Blasingame. Mostly about Disneyland, but covering a variety of Disney topics, we’ll share insight and insider tips with you each week to make your Disney vacation the best it can be.

Mouse Monthly Authors

Jamie Blasingame: Mom-in-Chief and Foodie

Jamie Blasingame
I’m a mother and my love of Disney started with my first visit to a Disney park when I was a small child. Growing up, my family would make yearly trips down to Walt Disney World from our home near Ottawa, Canada.

  • Favorite Theme Park: EPCOT
  • Favorite Attraction: Peter Pan Flight
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Wall-E
  • Favorite Disney Character: Wall-E
  • Favorite Disney Song: Oo-De-Lally (Intro song to Disney’s Robin Hood)
  • Favorite Disney Food: Turkey Leg!

You can check out my food posts over on our Food Friday page. I love to hear about people’s food experiences and vacations, so leave me a comment!

Alex Blasingame: Chief Envaluator and Map Enthusiast

Alex Blasingame
I’m a professional pilot and entrepreneur. I’ve also loved Disney since my first visit to Disneyland just after I was born. My Dad has video of me as a two-year-old, ‘break-dancing’ in front of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. I’ve visited Walt Disney World six times.

Jamie and I have visited Disneyland about once a month since we got married in 2010. I really like maps and the small Imagineering details of Disney parks and products.

  • Favorite Theme Park:  Disneyland (but EPCOT is a close 2nd!)
  • Favorite Attraction: Captain Eo
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Sleeping Beauty
  • Favorite Disney Character: Carl Fredricksen (UP)
  • Favorite Disney Song: There’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow (Carousel of Progress)
  • Favorite Disney Food: It’s a tie between the Plaza Inn Fried Chicken and the Dole Whip

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