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5 Reasons Disneyland Should Serve Poutine

This July 1st, I would like to bring up the most important topic on everyone’s mind as we celebrate Canada Day… when will they start serving poutine at Disneyland?

I have lived in Southern California for almost five years now, but there are still a few things that lure me back up to my native country of Canada. One of which is that magical, mythical meal of melty goodness…poutine!

What is Poutine You Ask?

Poutine is a dish that originated in the 1950’s in rural Quebec, consisting of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Sadly, it does do not appeal to most Americans. But, oh my! It gives me the honey-glow in my cheeks something fierce!

Now, the best poutine in my humble opinion, is served by New York Fries, a Canadian chain that services the mall food courts.

They use fresh-cut fries, (not too thin, not too thick) from skin-on Russet potatoes that remind me of the french fries we would get from roadside chip trucks on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario. Then they nestle a heaping scoop of cheese curds into the middle that have just the right amount of squeak, not too salty and not too soft. Finally they cover the dish with their savory, mouth-watering (and surprisingly vegan) brown gravy.

It has just the right thickness to coat the fries without weighing them down, and they serve it steaming hot so it melts the cheese curds just so! Le sigh*!

Thus describes my love affair with poutine. It is not an affair that my husband shares with me, but he does indulge me in when we get back up to British Columbia. Which incidentally is also where the closest New York Fries is located, over 1,000 kilometers away!


Now aside from the mouth-watering reasons above, here is why I think poutine would be a great fit at Disneyland:

#1: Poutine Already Works With Some Land’s Existing Themes

New Orleans Square, for example, has a Creole/Cajun influence on the menus at Cafe Orleans and at the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Did you know that the Cajun people are descendants of French colonists who originated from the region of Canada previously known as Acadia? The colonists referred to themselves as “Acadian”, which in French sounds like “Cadiens” or “Cadjins” and that is how the term “Cajun” came about.

So Cajun’s are way-back French Canadians, and poutine originated in Quebec… I don’t think this is a far reach so why not throw some poutine on the menu to celebrate!?

Or let’s go with the even more wonderful thought of bringing a New York Fries to Disneyland! How about a stop in Main Street, USA?

The black and white checkered theme that New York Fries uses would fit right in with the classic old town vibe. Also, it would be wonderful to have another quick serve outlet that provided more filling fare as you’re coming in or leaving the park, or even waiting for one of the parades to start.

#2: There Are A Lot Of Canadians In America

Walt and Mickey statues at Disneyland (No, they are not Canadian)

America has a Canadian population of over 800,000 people, and over 44,000 of whom live in LA and Orange County.

That’s a whole bunch of Canucks in the neighborhood, and I can guarantee you that I am not the only one ‘jonesing’ for some good, traditional poutine.

#3: There Are Always Canadian Tourists In The Park

Where’s the proof of that you say? Ever bump into someone and they are the ones who say “Sorry!”? That’s a Canadian. Have you seen the Captain Canada poster? I have and I think it’s hilarious!


Back to the point at hand. People of all cultures tend to seek familiar food when we travel, even if we’re just travelling locally. Think about how busy the Starbucks always is on Main Street USA. New York Fries could be just as popular a spot to ‘cop a squat’ and grab some poutine.

#4: Poutine will bring even more Canadians to Disneyland

IASW Mountie Disneyland

Hey, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by super friendly people wearing toque’s and saying, “Eh?”!

Seriously though, Canadians are lovely people who are just as thrilled to be vacationing at Disneyland as the next family, and it’s always nice to be surrounded by friends.  Besides, Canada needs a bit more representation in Disneyland besides the lone Mountie on It’s a Small World!

#5: This could open the door for a Tim Horton’s!


A double double and a maple dip anyone? Oh boy, eh!? I know America has Dunkin’ Donuts, but people do not realize what they are missing by not being able to stroll in to a Tim Hortons and be surrounded by that warm, familiar coffee and donut smell that is somehow so typically Canadian that it makes a tear come to my eye. Seriously folks, “you’ve always got time for Tim Hortons”.


In conclusion, I am so deliriously happy when I get to eat poutine, and Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on earth. What could be a better combination? Now I’m going to sit back, relax, and imagine myself eating a large New York Fries poutine, (with extra cheese and extra gravy of course) on my favorite bench in the park while I listen to the joy, laughter and the magic that is Disneyland.

If you enjoyed this post, check out our article 8 Things You Might Not Know About Canada And Disney. Happy Canada Day to all and we’ll see ya’ real soon!

By Jamie Blasingame

I'm a mother of one with another on the way. My husband Alex and I created this blog, Mouse Monthly, to discuss our perspectives on Disney theme parks and Disneyana in general.

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